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How Do I Choose the Best Eyebrow Specialist?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

When choosing an eyebrow specialist, you should take into consideration his or her licensing and training as well as your own needs. You should also ask for referrals from friends and coworkers or ask to see photographs of the specialist's work. Ideally, the eyebrow specialist should offer new clients a consultation. If your concern is eyebrow shaping, working with an aesthetician who specializes in eyebrows is often a wise move, though it is important to clarify the types of hair removal that he or she practices before deciding to work with him or her. On the other hand, if you have special needs, such as very sparse or absent brows, you may need to work with a cosmetic tattoo artist or even a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to get the look you want.

If your primary concern about your eyebrows is ensuring that they are well shaped and groomed, you may wish to select an aesthetician or cosmetologist as your eyebrow specialist. These personal appearance workers are typically trained in various methods of hair removal, including eyebrow waxing and threading. Another option is to work with an experienced electrolysis professional. In all cases, you will want to see examples of the kind of work that these specialists have done in the past. Do not begin to undergo a hair removal procedure until you have clarified the look that you want with the eyebrow specialist performing the service. A good eyebrow specialist may also be able to teach you how to use cosmetics to enhance your eyebrows and eye area.

Cosmetologists are trained to shape and groom eyebrows.
Cosmetologists are trained to shape and groom eyebrows.

In some cases, eyebrow shaping or hair removal is not appropriate to your needs. If you have sparse or absent eyebrows, you may wish to consider options that are more permanent than drawing or coloring in your brows with cosmetics. Cosmetic tattoo artists can fill in sparse areas or even tattoo full eyebrows onto your face. Another option is to work with a plastic surgeon who performs eyebrow transplants, a process similar to a hair transplant in which the physician will make many small incisions into your brows into which he or she will insert hairs taken from your head. This is a permanent option for those who want a very natural brow look. Still, it is important to review photographs of the work that the physician has done in the past and to work with the physician on choosing a brow design that works well for you.

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If you are treated rudely in an eyebrow specialist's office, move on to the next one. This type of unprofessional behavior is a sign of an office that is not going to take proper care of the clients' needs.


If you are looking for an eyebrow specialist, you should also take into consideration how his or her office appears on the inside. If it is dirty, in disrepair, or the staff seems uniformed about the eyebrow procedures that are offered there, you should find another specialist. These types of issues are often red flags that could lead to problems such as unsatisfactory results or even infections.

On the other hand, an office that is neat and tidy, and a staff that is welcoming and knowledgeable are all signs of a good eyebrow specialist. If he or she takes pride in the office and in training the employees, more than likely he or she will also offer quality eyebrow services.

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    • Cosmetologists are trained to shape and groom eyebrows.
      By: contrastwerkstatt
      Cosmetologists are trained to shape and groom eyebrows.
    • It may be more difficult to find a cosmetologist who is skilled in eyebrow threading.
      By: bertys30
      It may be more difficult to find a cosmetologist who is skilled in eyebrow threading.