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How Do I Choose the Best Goatee Style?

David Bishop
David Bishop

The goatee is a popular beard style that involves a man growing a patch of hair on his chin, while leaving his cheeks bare. The goatee can vary in length and may involve a mustache or sideburns. The goatee style is a matter of personal preference, but the beard should generally be trimmed and shaped in a manner that will flatter the shape of the man's face. The man also should consider styles that are appropriate for his workplace and keep the goatee clean and in good shape. In some cases, the amount and location of a man's facial hair growth will dictate the shape and style of the goatee.

The first step for a man in determining the best goatee style is to figure out what shape and size of a goatee he wants. Some men may want to start with a larger patch of hair and trim it down to a more attractive style. Men who have lighter hair growth on the rest of their face may wish to let their natural growth patterns outline the contours of the goatee.

A neatly trimmed goatee.
A neatly trimmed goatee.

Deciding on a mustache is another important part of developing a man's goatee style. While a mustache is not strictly necessary for a good goatee look, many men like to grow out the hair on both above and below their lips for a more balanced look. Some men may allow the mustache and goatee to grow together for a continuous beard, while others may keep them trimmed and separated.

Many men prefer to grow a mustache in conjunction with a goatee.
Many men prefer to grow a mustache in conjunction with a goatee.

Once a man has decided on the size and shape of his goatee, he also will need to determine how long he will let it grow. Some workplaces require employees to keep neatly trimmed beards, so it is important for a man to maintain a beard with which his supervisors will be comfortable. A man can easily experiment with various lengths to find one with which he is happy. Some men prefer a closely trimmed, five o'clock shadow style of goatee, while others enjoy a much longer, shaggier beard that gives their face more character.

College and vacations are popular times for men to try out a new goatee style. These time periods often allow men to freely experiment with new looks, because they don't have to look their best each day. Some men also may wish to consult with their barber or hair stylist for help in choosing a goatee style that will complement the shape of their face and hair style.

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@MikeMason-- I think both the connected ones and the separate ones look good. It also depends on an individual's face shape. Some goatee styles suit certain faces better.

I don't like goatees without a mustache. It doesn't look balanced but some people like that. I think almost all well trimmed goatees look good. Some of the long goatees are too long and look kind of dirty/messy. But it's a personal preference and depends on the type of overall look one's going for.


@ankara-- What do you think about goatees that are connected to the mustache versus those that are separate? And what about when there is just a goatee and no mustache?


There are so many styles of goatee! It's very difficult to pick one. I think goatees are definitely the most versatile type of beard. And everyday, slightly different ones show up, especially among musicians and actors.

I really like that goatees that Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt sport from time to time. Both of them wear goatees that are well trimmed, although Brad Pitt likes his slightly longer. Johnny Depp usually has the typical goatee style with hair at the chin and a small spot of hair in between the chin and the mustache. I think it looks good.

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    • A neatly trimmed goatee.
      By: ArenaCreative
      A neatly trimmed goatee.
    • Many men prefer to grow a mustache in conjunction with a goatee.
      By: Peter Polak
      Many men prefer to grow a mustache in conjunction with a goatee.