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What Are the Different Types of Facial Hair Styles for Young Men?

Emily Pate
Emily Pate

The facial hair styles for young men include beards, mustaches, and sideburns, as well as a clean-cut option. Beards typically cover the most area underneath the lips and along the jaw line, while mustaches are located just under the nose. Sideburns extend from the sides of the hairline and can be worn alone or with other styles. A clean-cut style forgoes all facial hair and may be preferred, depending on occupation.

A beard is characterized by hair along the chin and jaw, and require regular trimming and sculpting to maintain a manicured look. Styles vary widely, ranging from subtle, clean-cut stubble covering the cheeks and jaw line, to goatees that consist of a small patch of long or short hair at the very bottom of the chin. A beard may grow in full and even or a bit patchy, requiring more upkeep during this transition. This facial hair style can make a younger man look older and even more distinguished.

Hair styling products.
Hair styling products.

Like the beard, a mustache is a facial hair type with numerous designs and variations. It's typically defined by the presence of hair above the lip and under the nose, and the general shape follows the septum, the line from under the nose, to the outer corners of the lips. Mustache styles go in and out of fashion and range from the classic handlebar with long, sculpted tips that curl up, to fuller, bushy styles. A young man's mustache type also depends on whether his hair is thick or fine.

A neatly trimmed goatee.
A neatly trimmed goatee.

Facial hair styles for young men also include sideburns. These are an extension of the hairline and may be nonexistent, very subtle, or bushy and prominent. This facial hair type may be worn with a combination of others or alone. Mutton chops are perhaps the most extreme style, letting the sideburns grow out full and thick and extending down the sides of the face. Chinstraps, or chin curtains, are sideburns that connect to the beard.

Some men prefer a clean shave to facial hair.
Some men prefer a clean shave to facial hair.

A clean-cut style is another one of the facial hair styles for young men, and is characterized by the absence of any type of mustache, beard, or sideburns. This style is typically thought of as classic and conservative, and certain job positions may require a clean-cut look, if not a carefully trimmed beard. This option usually highlights face shape and shows the jaw line, which beards tend to disguise. Letting the clean-cut style grow out for a day or two to produce just enough stubble for a shadowed look can also produce another option, giving the wearer a more rugged, masculine appearance.

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The soul patch is sometimes mistakenly called a goatee, but it is not the only facial hair style confused with the goatee. I sometimes wear what's known as a balbo and people are always telling me they really like my goatee.

The balbo, which is named for a former Italian leader, is basically a combination of a simple mustache and a soul patch. I think what makes for the difficulty labeling facial hair styles is that the more elaborate styles are comprised of several other smaller styles.


@Sporkasia - If you want to know what a goatee looks like then picture a goat. This name refers to the hair on a man's chin like the hair on the goats chin. For an official goatee designation, the chin hair shouldn't be connect to a mustache or any hair directly below the lip.

The tuft of hair below the bottom lip is called a soul patch and it is often mistakenly called a goatee.


When I am discussing someone I saw who was wearing facial hair and am trying to describe him, but I'm not quite sure what style of facial hair he was sporting I usually just say he had a goatee. Of course, I know that a full beard or a solo mustache is not a goatee, but I get some of the other styles confused.


Something that many people, especially women, might not know is that facial hair on a man is not always about fashion or creating a look. I worked with a guy who had very sensitive skin. Shaving really irritated his face.

Unfortunately for him, facial hair was not allowed in the workplace, so he had to shave. Finally, he was able to get special permission from our supervisor to grow a beard. He had to keep the facial hair short and trimmed. This was fine with him as long as he didn't have to put a razor to his face each morning.

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    • Hair styling products.
      By: kornienko
      Hair styling products.
    • A neatly trimmed goatee.
      By: ArenaCreative
      A neatly trimmed goatee.
    • Some men prefer a clean shave to facial hair.
      By: Ruslan Solntsev
      Some men prefer a clean shave to facial hair.
    • A mustache is one facial hair style option for a young man.
      By: Igor Mojzes
      A mustache is one facial hair style option for a young man.