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How Do I Choose the Best Hair Dryer for Kids?

Selecting the best hair dryer for kids involves considering gentle heat settings, safety features like automatic shut-off, and a comfortable, lightweight design. Look for dryers with fun aesthetics to make the experience enjoyable for your little one. Want to ensure your child's hair is dried safely and effectively? Let's explore the top features that cater to young, sensitive scalps.
S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

To buy the best hair dryer for kids, you'll have to look for blow dryers that are specifically crafted for use by children. Hair dryers that are designed to be used by kids are usually those that are small, use low power wattages, and have fun designs. There are also a number of accessories that may accompany a blow dryer that can help with the child's hair type. You can also buy a toy hair dryer if the child for which you are shopping isn't quite read to use a fully-functioning hair dryer.

Size is an important consideration when you're shopping for a hair dryer for kids. Children have small hands and, as such, would probably do well handling a smaller size of hair dryer. Look for mini hair dryers, as they can fit better in smaller hands.

Children's hair dryers are typically smaller and painted with colorful designs.
Children's hair dryers are typically smaller and painted with colorful designs.

A good hair dryer for kids is one that operates on a low wattage. Standard blow dryers that are designed to be used by adults often have several heat settings that range from low heat to very high heat. High heat, of course, can be very uncomfortable for the children on whom they are used. Very hot air can also overheat a blow dryer and that can be dangerous for children, as well. To provide a safe environment, you should choose a blow dryer that is controlled in its heat settings.

The best hair dryer for kids is usually one that appeals aesthetically to this age group. Many kid-friendly designs exist that incorporate bright colors and fun shapes, or have cartoon images on the blow dryers' exterior. These hair dryers can appeal to children, as well as take care of the job of styling their hair without fuss. Buying one of these types of hair dryers can also help to differentiate between an adult's hair dryer and one that is a child's within a household.

Depending on the child's hair type, there are a number of accessories that you may consider when purchasing a hair dryer. If the child has curly hair, a diffuser may be the best option, which will help to maintain the curl and reduce frizz. If tangles tend to be an issue, a hair dryer that comes with a brush attachment can be a time-saver. For an older child who may be looking to style his or her own hair, there are a number of other attachments that can be considered as well.

Toys can also be designed to look like a hair dryer for kids. These toys, of course, are the safest hair dryers that you can give to children, as they are non-functional and don't use heat or electricity. Instead, toy blow dryers use buttons, lights, and sound effects to give children an idea of what it's like to use a fully-functioning hair dryer. These gadgets can be great ways to safely introduce children to electrical devices. Children will also mimic how they see adults use the device, which can give them an idea of how to handle a fully-functioning blow dryer when they're older.

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My mother got my daughter a very cute hair dryer toy set. She loves her toy hair dryer. The toy actually makes a real hair dryer sound when she presses the button. So she likes to mimic me with her hair dryer when I'm drying my hair.

I'm definitely going to also get her own kids' hair dryer when she's just a little bit older. I think she's already got a good idea of how to use one thanks to this great toy.


@SarahGen-- I think that any regular hair dryer will work in your case. Just make sure that it has three heat settings for low, medium and high. I tend to use the high but I dry my kids' hair on low because both medium and high are too hot for their scalps.

If you ever do allow your child to use the hair dryer, make sure that you teach them how to hold it first. Show them where air enters the hair dryer and teach them that hair may get caught in there if it's held the wrong way.

If you cannot get a children's hair dryer actually, it's best to not leave them alone with an adult hair dryer as they can hurt themselves easily.


I need to buy a hair dryer that I can also use to dry my daughter's hair. I can't really afford to buy a separate children's hair dryer for her as I need to use one too. Which type of adult's hair dryer can be used safely to dry a child's hair. I don't let my daughter dry her own hair yet, so I'm not too worried about the size.

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    • Children's hair dryers are typically smaller and painted with colorful designs.
      By: macbrianmun
      Children's hair dryers are typically smaller and painted with colorful designs.