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What Is a Comb Hair Dryer?

A comb hair dryer is a versatile styling tool that combines the functionality of a hairdryer with a comb attachment, allowing for simultaneous drying and straightening of hair. It streamlines your beauty routine, making it perfect for those seeking efficiency without compromising on style. Curious about how it can transform your hair care ritual? Let's delve deeper into its benefits.
T. M. Robertson
T. M. Robertson

A comb hair dryer is a specialized type of hair dryer that includes comb attachments that can be added to the end. These attachments make styling a little easier and typically come in three different variations, including wide-tooth combs, brushes, and fine-tooth combs. Wide-tooth combs are normally used for detangling, brushes are generally used for styling, and fine-tooth combs are mainly used for fine detailing. More specialized dryers can also be purchased that incorporate combs and straightening plates so one can dry, comb, and straighten one's hair all in one step. Whenever using a comb hair dryer, the hair should be combed gently to prevent permanent hair breakage and other damage.

When using a regular hair dryer, the hair often gets extremely tangled and becomes difficult to manage. As a result, most people resort to holding their dryer in one hand and a comb or brush in the other. This way, they can try to keep their hair untangled throughout the drying process. With a comb hair dryer, this isn't a problem, because the comb is already attached to the end of the dryer. Now the other hand will be free to section off the hair or for finger combing.

A comb hair dryer must be used properly in order to avoid hair damage.
A comb hair dryer must be used properly in order to avoid hair damage.

Many different models of comb hair dryers are sold on the market. They range anywhere from low-end dryers that everyday people purchase at their local stores to high-end dryers purchased by professional salons. The majority of these dryers come with different comb attachments. Typical options include wide-tooth comb attachments used to detangle wet hair, brush attachments used to style dry or nearly dry hair, and fine-tooth finishing combs used for extra-fine detailing or styling. Depending on the model of dryer, the comb attachments will either slide into place or be snapped on.

One can also use a specialized comb hair dryer to straighten hair. Such models generally have detangling combs and straightening plates attached on the dryer. This means that only one step is needed, instead of three, to dry, comb, and straighten the hair. When using a comb hair dryer to straighten hair, it's recommended to first apply some type of styling product on the hair strands to prevent damage and to create a better hold. Examples of styling products that can be used include mousses, hair sprays, and gels.

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    • A comb hair dryer must be used properly in order to avoid hair damage.
      By: Laurent Hamels
      A comb hair dryer must be used properly in order to avoid hair damage.