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How Do I Choose the Best Lipstick for Brunettes?

Selecting the perfect lipstick for brunettes hinges on skin tone and undertones. Warm complexions glow with caramel or peach shades, while cool tones shine with berry or plum hues. Neutral undertones have the luxury of versatility. Remember, the right lipstick enhances your natural beauty and boosts confidence. What's your undertone, and how will it guide your next lipstick choice?
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best lipstick for brunettes, it's important to consider skin tone and hair color as well as whether you want to wear the particular shade during the day or evening. Brunettes with a strong contrast between their skin and hair color are often flattered by richer, more intense lipstick shades. Those with light brown hair and medium or light skin tones may look better in more subdued lipsticks. Reddish or auburn brunettes with warmer skin tones will suit orange-based lipsticks, while brown or black haired women with a cool cast to their hair and skin should choose lip products with a blue undertone. If you're not sure whether you're warm or cool in terms of your skin and hair coloring, a good way to find your best lipstick color is to try a few peachy-oranges and some purple-pinks in natural light to discover which one suits you better.

Most people will notice that one or the other looks best on them, but if you find that you can wear both orange-toned peaches and blue-based pinks equally well, you could have neutral rather than warm or cool coloring. In that case, you may also be able to choose lipstick for brunettes with brownish undertones. Selecting a light and dark shade of your favorite warm, cool or neutral lipstick can provide you with separate looks for day and evening.

A brunette woman applies lipstick.
A brunette woman applies lipstick.

The main thing to remember when selecting your favorite lipstick colors is that if you prefer red over pink or vice versa, this is fine as long as you give thought to orange or blue undertones. Avoid salmon pink if you're cool skinned and cotton candy pink if your coloring is warm. If you have warm tones in your skin and hair, a cinnamon or brick red lipstick for brunettes is likely to be better than a plum or burgundy red. The opposite should hold true if you're cool toned.

Lipstick in rich shades tend to look good on brunettes.
Lipstick in rich shades tend to look good on brunettes.

If your hair is black or dark brown and your skin tone is pale, you're likely to be able to wear rich, dark shades of lipsticks well. For those with not much contrast between the lightness and darkness of your skin and hair, or you have blond or red highlights, a muted lipstick for brunettes may suit you better. Looking at your hair and eye color when you try on lipstick can be a good way to decide on both a color and intensity that is the most flattering on you overall.

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Discussion Comments


I'm a brunette and I love a peachy-beige lipstick for an everyday look!


@SarahGen-- I think red tones look good with dark brown hair, but the darker, matte ones; not orange-red. Skin color and the look you're trying to achieve is important too though.

For example, if a brunette with dark brown hair and creamy white skin wants to make a statement, a dark, rich red is great for that. But if a brunette with light brown hair and olive skin is going for a day look, red will be too much. A pale rose or a brown tone will be more suitable in that situation I think.


I thought that all brunettes could wear the same colors but it's not true.

There was an actress in a soap opera who was an auburn brunette and she sported a gorgeous matte, orangish-reddish lip color every day. I was obsessed with this color and found a shade very similar to it. But it didn't look as good on me as it did on her because my hair has cool undertones.

Only matte lip colors with cool undertones seem to suit me.

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    • A brunette woman applies lipstick.
      By: bst2012
      A brunette woman applies lipstick.
    • Lipstick in rich shades tend to look good on brunettes.
      By: Gresei
      Lipstick in rich shades tend to look good on brunettes.
    • Women with dark brown hair may prefer to wear rich, dark shades of lipsticks.
      By: Jenner
      Women with dark brown hair may prefer to wear rich, dark shades of lipsticks.