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How Do I Minimize an Eyebrow Piercing Scar?

To minimize an eyebrow piercing scar, begin with proper aftercare to prevent infection and reduce scarring potential. Opt for professional removal if you're retiring the piercing, and consider treatments like silicone gel or patches, which have shown efficacy in scar healing. For personalized advice, consult a dermatologist. Wondering which treatment might be best for your skin type? Keep reading to explore your options.
Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

The best way to minimize an eyebrow piercing scar is to prevent one. You should go to a professional licensed body piercing professional for any body piercing. This, along with proper care of the pierced brow, can prevent an infection that can lead to scarring. If you do get an infection after an eyebrow piercing, it should be treated immediately, and you may need to remove the piercing. There may also be some things that either you or your doctor can do to help minimize the appearance of an eyebrow piercing scar.

Prevention is usually the key to minimizing an eyebrow piercing scar. Infection is usually one of the biggest reasons that a piercing scars. You should never try to pierce your eyebrow yourself. Instead, you should enlist the help of a reputable licensed professional, who has been trained in the proper sterilization techniques.

Infection is often one of the biggest reasons that a piercing scars.
Infection is often one of the biggest reasons that a piercing scars.

Friends or family members with body piercings may be able to recommend good piercing professionals. You should also check out a professional yourself before opting to have him pierce any part of your body. He should have a professional piercing shop that is neat and clean. The professional himself should appear neat and clean as well. You should also make sure that he wears gloves and uses a new sterile piercing needle every time he pierces a client. These sterilization techniques will help minimize your risk of infection and help minimize an eyebrow piercing scar.

Proper care for a new piercing can also help prevent the appearance of an eyebrow piercing scar. A reputable professional should also give you instructions on how to care for a piercing. In general, the area should be kept clean. It is also important to remember that you should never pick at or fiddle with an eyebrow piercing scar. This can open the wound to bacteria, which can cause an infection.

If you do happen to get an infection your new eyebrow piercing, you should get it taken care of as soon as possible. You likely will have to remove the eyebrow jewelry if you do have an infection in the area. This is important to facilitate the healing process and minimize the risk of an eyebrow piercing scar. Your doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic to help clear up the infection.

Eyebrow jewelry also has a habit of growing out, or pushing through the top layers of skin. As time passes, new layers of tissue begin to form under the jewelry. This results in the jewelry pushing through the piece of skin on top of the jewelry. Eventually, most eyebrow piercings fall out, and most professionals recommend removing them before they grow out completely. If you do not remove the jewelry before this happens, you could be left with an unsightly eyebrow piercing scar.

Most piercing scars are often hidden under the hair of the eyebrows, so treatment is not usually necessary, but some individuals may be left with noticeable scars. Some individuals use substances like cocoa butter to help soften an eyebrow piercing scar at home, but medical attention is usually necessary to get rid of piercing scars. Sometimes collagen or steroid injections will reduce the scar. Plastic surgery may also be an option for larger, more prominent eyebrow scars.

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@literally45-- Some people are naturally inclined to get keloid scars. It's genetic and is more common in certain ethnicities. It's not possible to prevent keloid scars because it's a natural occurrence. It happens because skin produces too much protein as it heals. If your are prone to keloids, you should not be getting piercings or tattoos. You could try scar treatments, but I don't think it will make too much of a difference. Some people have large keloids surgically removed, but that usually results in another keloid scar.


@SteamLouis-- I did all of those things to prevent a scar but I still developed a keloid scar after my eyebrow piercing.


I agree that the best way to not deal with a piercing scar is to prevent it in the first place. It's possible to do that by following after-care instructions and using scar treatment products after the wound has closed. There are great products out there like silicone discs and scar creams. The silicone discs may not fit on an eyebrow piercing, but the creams could be used. But the piercing should not be removed during this process (unless directed to do so by a doctor) because the piercing will close very quickly.

I used a scar cream daily for three weeks after my piercing healed and I do not have a scar.

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    • Infection is often one of the biggest reasons that a piercing scars.
      By: Concept web Studio
      Infection is often one of the biggest reasons that a piercing scars.