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How Do I Use Yellow Concealer?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan

Yellow concealer is typically used to camouflage or disguise discolorations on the face. Using the principle that opposite colors on the color wheel counteract each other, yellow concealer covers purplish marks on the skin such as bruises or dark under-eye circles. The best way to use yellow concealer is to layer it with your foundation and powder.

Before using concealer, thoroughly cleanse your face. Apply moisturizer and give your skin time to absorb it. This will allow your skin to be in peak condition before you apply concealer and foundation. Using a small makeup brush, lightly tap a small amount of yellow concealer onto the purplish skin. Typically, only a very small amount of yellow concealer will be needed.

The color wheel shows opposite, or complementary, colors.
The color wheel shows opposite, or complementary, colors.

Using a makeup sponge, continue to tap the concealer into the skin, blending and spreading it until the entire purple area is covered. Be careful not to drag your applicator directly over your skin, as this can cause the sponge to wipe off the concealer. You may try tapping and blending with your ring finger if the sponge is not delicate enough.

Too much concealer will fill in the creases and wrinkles on your face, making them look deeper and more obvious than they really are. If this happens, wash off the concealer and try again, applying less. Once you are satisfied with the amount, allow it to set, or dry, for 30 seconds.

A yellow concealer covers dark under-eye circles.
A yellow concealer covers dark under-eye circles.

Apply liquid foundation over the concealer, blending it carefully by tapping. Like blending the concealer, too much pressure can cause the foundation and the concealer to wipe off. Cream foundations are typically too heavy for layering products. A sheer liquid foundation works best.

If the yellow concealer is a very light color, you may be able to brush a light dusting of powder over the area instead of using liquid foundation. This method is faster than applying liquid foundation because it is easier to apply. It is also easy to blend, since you simply brush it over the area until the yellow has disappeared under the nude color of the powder. Like all products, you can apply too much powder which will cause your face to look chaulky. Use only as much as you need to blend the concealer.

You may need a lighter yellow or even a light nude color if you find that the yellow concealer is still obviously yellow, even after applying foundation. In some cases, the discoloration on the skin can be ameloriated by choosing a nude concealer one to two shades lighter than your foundation or powder. Apply in the same manner as yellow concealer, tapping and blending, and allowing it to dry before layering on foundation.

Skin that has a bluish tone may respond better to a peach-colored or even orange concealer if it is very dark. Simply consult a color wheel and find the color on the opposite side of the circle to determine what color will best cover your skin's problem areas. Lavender colored concealer can be used to counteract yellowish discoloration, and green can be used on reddish areas.

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    • The color wheel shows opposite, or complementary, colors.
      By: Unclesam
      The color wheel shows opposite, or complementary, colors.
    • A yellow concealer covers dark under-eye circles.
      By: WONG SZE FEI
      A yellow concealer covers dark under-eye circles.