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What Are Comb Twists?

Donna Tinus
Donna Tinus

Comb twists are one popular method of forming dreadlocks in hair. Using this method of making dreads, hair is twisted into dreadlocks with the help of a comb. The hair is then ruffed up to make dreadlocks. This is a time-consuming method of turning a head of hair into dreadlocks, but it is effective. It also has the advantage of being an all-natural method of forming a head full of healthy dreadlocks.

This technique of producing dreadlocks usually works best on African-American hair, but Caucasians have enjoyed some success with comb twists also. One section of hair about 1-inch by 1-inch (2.54 cm by 2.54 cm) is sectioned off. It is easiest to make these sections with the pointed end of a rat-tail comb. After the square piece of hair is sectioned, it should be held in place with small hair rubber bands. The entire head of hair is made into 1-inch (2.54 cm) or 2-inch (5 cm) sections in this manner. Hair wax should then be applied to one section of hair at a time.

Comb twists can be used to form dreadlocks.
Comb twists can be used to form dreadlocks.

A comb is placed into the end of the hair, and twisted several times until the strand of hair is a tight twist. This forms the first of many comb twists that will be applied to the head of hair. The next step is to separate the twist, then twist it again with the comb. This step forms knots in the hair, and eventually makes the twists look more like the typical dreadlocks, which is the ultimate goal of the comb twists. Each twist should then be rolled between the palms of the hands and a rubber band should be applied to each twist to help the hair twists maintain their shape.

The remainder of the person's hair sections are twisted and shaped in the same manner until an entire head of comb twists is produced. The wearer should wait three to four weeks before he washes the dreadlocks. If the hair is washed too soon, the comb twists may come undone, causing the wearer to redo his twists. Any pieces of hair that may come out of the twists, or were never put into the twists, should be inserted manually. The wearer can push them in with his fingers, or use a crochet hook to pull them through.

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    • Comb twists can be used to form dreadlocks.
      By: eldadcarin
      Comb twists can be used to form dreadlocks.