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What are Cordless Hair Clippers?

Amy Hunter
Amy Hunter

Cordless hair clippers are trimmers that are used for haircuts. They are similar to hair trimmers that have a cord. The advantage of cordless hair clippers is that, without a cord, it is easier to move around the head to give a proper haircut.

Hair trimmers are often used to provide haircuts for men and children. Cordless hair clippers are a nice investment if you do provide others with haircuts or trims on a regular basis. Cordless hair trimmers work by a rechargeable battery. When not in use, the cordless hair clippers are placed in a charger. This way, the clippers are always ready for use.

Woman in breeze
Woman in breeze

If you are interested in purchasing cordless hair trimmers, there are some important questions that you should ask. A set of hair trimmers that do not have a strong motor may pull the hair instead of clipping it cleanly. This can be uncomfortable at best, and many people find it painful. While a pair of hair trimmers that have a traditional power source will run consistently with the same power, a pair of cordless hair trimmers may lose power gradually as the battery loses its charge. For this reason, not only should you consider the size of the motor, but the length of running time you can expect from a single charge.

For a cordless hair trimmer to work effectively, you should be able to cut an entire head on a single charge. The battery should have plenty of power, and not be losing charge when you complete the hair cut. If the cordless hair trimmers that you are considering do not have a long enough battery life for you to do this, you have two options. You can upgrade to ones with a longer battery life or you can purchase an extra battery for the hair clippers you are considering. Either of these options are better than attempting to complete a haircut with a pair of hair clippers where the motor continues to heat up, the blades quit running as fast, or hair is pulled out instead of being cleanly cut.

After battery life, other important features to look for in cordless hair clippers are how many blade lengths they come with and how the clippers feel in your hand. Even if you only plan on cutting one person’s hair, two or more blades are nice to have. You may want a blade that leaves the hair longer around the head, and something shorter for the neck and above the ears, for example. Take your time and hold various clipper sets in your hand. They should feel comfortable, not too heavy and not to large in diameter. Remember, you will have to hold the clippers in a variety of positions, and for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time. Any minor irritation will be more dramatic while holding the hair trimmers while they are on and vibrating.

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    • Woman in breeze
      Woman in breeze