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What Are Moist Towelettes?

Esther Ejim
Esther Ejim

Moist towelettes is a term that describes a product used for hygiene purposes, either by applying it to different parts of the body or by using it in other contexts that are also mostly aimed toward hygiene. This product is usually in the form of a piece of cloth or some type of cotton fabric that is moistened with some kind of liquid, ranging from perfumed water to a form of astringent, antibacterial mixture or any other type of fluid. The size of the various moist towelettes also vary depending on the purpose or use and the marketing angle of the company producing the product. For instance, the company could be marketing the moist towlettes as products that can easily be carried by consumers in their purses, pockets or wallets, in which case the marketing angle would be that of convenience.

Some moist towelettes are aimed toward those with young children in the sense that the product can be utilized in many capacities related to grooming and caring for infants and young children. An example of the use of moist towelettes in this instance would be for the purpose of cleaning the children during the course of changing their diapers. In such cases, the moist towelettes are often packaged in tubs or more convenient flexible packaging, rather than individual wraps due to the frequency of use. The product may also be used for other purposes that may include wiping stuffy noses or cleaning drool off little faces.

Moist towelettes.
Moist towelettes.

Another use for the product can be seen in the area of beauty where it may be used to remove makeup from the face or to wipe sweat from different parts of the body. The use of moist towelettes are not restricted to the stated uses since the product is very versatile and can be applied to other uses as well. An example of another use for the product is cleaning the home or wiping surfaces down. In such cases, the product will be pretreated with some form of antibacterial agent that will help sanitize the area that was wiped. Some companies even use the technique in other more ingenious ways like soaking a piece of cloth with a treated solution and individually wrapping it for consumers to use in wiping the floor.

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Thanks for the tips. Body wipes are a must before leaving the house, especially if you're going to be out for more than seven or eight hours in a day. Must make sure you are crisp and clean!

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    • Moist towelettes.
      By: Haris Rauf
      Moist towelettes.
    • Moist towelettes may be used for wiping stuffy noses.
      By: GVictoria
      Moist towelettes may be used for wiping stuffy noses.
    • People with chemical allergies might use a washcloth rather than a towelette.
      By: micro10x
      People with chemical allergies might use a washcloth rather than a towelette.