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What Are the Best Tips for Styling Feathered Hair?

Feathered hair, with its airy texture and layered elegance, requires finesse to style. Key tips include using a round brush for volume, applying a lightweight mousse for hold, and finishing with a blast of cool air to set the feathers. For a modern twist, why not experiment with subtle highlights? How will you make the classic feathered look your own?
Angela Farrer
Angela Farrer

The best tips for styling feathered hair include selecting lightweight styling products, using a blow dryer and round brush to create shape, and creating rounded waves with curling irons for longer feathered hairstyles. Feathered hair that is naturally curly can also be smoothed out one section at a time with a flat iron. Since feathered hair is typically cut with a method that removes bulk and adds texture, it typically holds styling well in many cases. Styling methods can differ based on the length of a feathered hairdo, and some heads of hair respond better to heat styling than others. Most stylists recommend a good thermal hair protecting spray or leave-in conditioner to keep the hair in the best shape possible.

One of the first steps to getting the desired style with feathered hair is regular use of a quality shampoo and conditioner. Individuals with thin and fine hair can often create the appearance of fuller hair with a feathered cut and volumizing shampoo. Stylists often recommend conditioners without large numbers of of ingredients that can build up on the hair. This problem can sometimes be more obvious on a feathered hairstyle rather than one that is cut to a uniform length.

Using a volumizing shampoo is key to feathered hair.
Using a volumizing shampoo is key to feathered hair.

The shortest feathered hairdos are typically cut closer to the head with uniform layers throughout the bulk of the hair. These haircuts are among the easiest to style, and many wearers simply apply their styling product of choice and blow dry their hair while styling with their fingers. Medium-length feathered haircuts are usually best styled with a brush and hair dryer used at the same time. The diameter of the brush often depends on the hair's thickness, and many stylists recommend a round styling brush with bristles made from natural material rather than plastic. Plastic brush bristles are sometimes responsible for hair breakage.

Long feathered hair is frequently cut with more weight left in the back and the majority of the layers cut to frame the face. This kind of hair is normally blow-dried in a similar manner to mid-length feathered hair, though stylists frequently advise separating thicker long hair into manageable sections while drying and styling. Long feathered styles with more wave and curl can be achieved with a larger-barreled curling iron. Small-diameter curling irons do not always hold sections of feathered hair as well due to the number of layers. A common trick with curling iron styling is to pin each rolled section in place against the head for longer-lasting curl.

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    • Using a volumizing shampoo is key to feathered hair.
      By: Piotr Marcinski
      Using a volumizing shampoo is key to feathered hair.