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What Are the Different Types of Asian Haircuts?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

Asian haircuts are often the same as haircuts for other races but must take into consideration certain qualities that Asian hair tends to have. Certainly, not all Asian people have the same type of hair, but an overwhelmingly large number have relatively straight, coarse hair in a dark brown or black shade. The key to Asian haircuts is making sure that the stylist understands the qualities someone's hair tends to hold. Different types of Asian haircuts that capitalize on the qualities of Asian hair may be spiky, long, or even modify the qualities of the hair in some way. With enough time and effort, Asian hair can sustain almost any style.

One of the most common types of Asian haircuts for women involves keeping the hair straight and employing an even cut with bangs. Layering the hair is also common. Many Asian women like the look of long hair and may grow their hair out, getting regular trims to avoid split ends. Perms for Asian hair go in and out of fashion, but they can drastically change the look of a very basic, straight haircut.

Many Asian people have dark hair.
Many Asian people have dark hair.

Asian men have a variety of haircuts that are common, although short, buzzed hair is extremely popular. Fauxhawks, tousled looks, and spiky haircuts are all popular for men. Long hairstyles can also be used, although these may not be popular in certain Asian countries. Many Asian men have hair with a lot of volume, making large and seemingly gravity-defying hairstyles possible.

Asian haircuts are often the same as haircuts for other races.
Asian haircuts are often the same as haircuts for other races.

Different subcultures within Asia often use radically different haircuts than those someone would normally see on the street. In Japan, for example, there are various punk and goth haircuts that require a large amount of maintenance. Many people also supplement their natural hair with additional length or colored sections. One thing to remember about Asian hairstyles is that coloring Asian hair is often complicated, as this type of hair is not easily bleached, and dying the hair may change the qualities of the hair. This can make various cuts look quite different.

Haircuts that are popular in Asian countries are usually different than those that are common in areas where people of Asian descent have immigrated. In areas with Asian immigrants, hairstyles may be as diverse as the other styles popular in that area. The problem with certain cuts on some types of Asian hair is that the strength of the hair can make a cut act in unexpected ways. Even so, with enough time and styling, any hair type can be made to conform to a specific haircut.

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    • Many Asian people have dark hair.
      By: hyunsuss
      Many Asian people have dark hair.
    • Asian haircuts are often the same as haircuts for other races.
      By: paylessimages
      Asian haircuts are often the same as haircuts for other races.