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What are the Different Types of Hand Accessories?

Hand accessories come in a dazzling array of styles, each adding a unique touch to personal expression. From elegant rings and bracelets to functional watches and statement gloves, these adornments can elevate any outfit. Intrigued by how a simple piece can transform your look? Discover the world of hand accessories and find your signature style. What will your hands say about you?
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Hand accessories may accent the fingers such as rings, or the wrists such as bracelets and watches. Fingerless gloves cover the entire hand except for the fingers. Sporty hand accessories include terry cloth wrist bands and hand grips.

Cycling gloves are hand accessories that help cyclists get a firmer grip on bicycle handlebars. Full finger cycling gloves also add warmth to bicycle riders' hands in cold weather. Fingerless bicycle gloves fit close to the hand and usually have an adjustable closure at the wrist.

Rings are common hand accessories.
Rings are common hand accessories.

Some types of fingerless cycling gloves have gel padding on the palms to help relieve the pressure put on the nerves in the hands and arms from the constant contact with handlebars when bicycling. The sides of cycling gloves may be made from breathable mesh material, while the top is often made of terry cloth. Terry cloth is a soft, looped absorbent cotton toweling fabric and it is used on bicycle gloves to allow the cyclist to wipe sweat from the face. Fingerless gloves used by motorcyclists are much different from those used by bicyclists as they are designed mainly as protection from the wind. Many fingerless motorcycle gloves are made of black leather and some types feature decorative silver studs.

Many women enjoy wearing a charm bracelet.
Many women enjoy wearing a charm bracelet.

Terry cloth wristbands are hand accessories that are available in many different colors and patterns. They are also called sweatbands since they help keep sweat from dripping from the arms to the hands. Sweatbands or wristbands are also decorative and may be worn in team colors as part of a sports uniform.

The most commonly worn non-sporty hand accessories include rings, bracelets and watches. Men's versions of these items are usually wider and heavier than women's. Men's bracelets may be made of chain links, leather or even shells with a few pendants. Some classic women's bracelets include the loose fitting bangle, the close fitting cuff and the charm bracelet. Charm bracelets feature a main chain with hanging pendants or charms.

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I love special accessories! I received a special gift as a birthday present - it is a beautiful handbag accessory. The top is decorated with flowers and the bottom of it is a magnet. This is attached to a piece of metal and when you are in a restaurant you place this on the table for your purse to hang from.

I like this for several reasons. First it is just really pretty! But it is also nice because your purse is not sitting on a dirty floor and you see it there and will not forget to grab your purse when you leave the table. (I have done that before)!


Hand accessories can be beautiful and functional at the same time. Sometimes you just want to go with beautiful though! I had a charm bracelet as a young girl, and still keep it in my jewelry box. Whenever I went on a trip I would look for a charm as my souvenir. I don't wear that charm bracelet any more, but it is still a wonderful reminder of the many places I visited while growing up.

They have some really great looking charm bracelets today, but my favorite kind are the ones where I personally choose each charm that has a special meaning to me.

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    • Rings are common hand accessories.
      Rings are common hand accessories.
    • Many women enjoy wearing a charm bracelet.
      By: Ravenna
      Many women enjoy wearing a charm bracelet.
    • Men's watches are usually wider and heavier than women's.
      By: Warren Goldswain
      Men's watches are usually wider and heavier than women's.