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What Are the Pros and Cons of Flannel Pajamas?

Flannel pajamas offer unparalleled warmth and softness, perfect for chilly nights. However, they can be too insulating for hot sleepers, leading to discomfort. Their durability is a plus, but they require gentle care to avoid pilling. Considering the cozy benefits versus the care needed, how might flannel pajamas fit into your bedtime routine? Share your thoughts with us below.
Geri Terzo
Geri Terzo

Flannel pajamas are quite versatile and can be made for children or adults, men or women. Pajamas can be designed as two-piece sets, nightgowns, or just bottoms for men. Warmth is a key benefit that makes flannel material so pervasive. There are some problems associated with flannel pajamas, however. The material is not comfortable in warm weather and, worse, can be highly flammable in comparison with other sleep-ware materials.

There appears to be more pros than cons when it comes to flannel pajamas. Manufacturers design items for infants through adults. The material is such that it can be made in just about any color in addition to patterns and can even be monogrammed, which might serve as a unique and personal gift. Flannel is a type of cloth that can be washed and dried in extremely high temperatures, and the shape remains intact. In fact, flannel items tend to become more comfortable the more that they are washed and worn.

Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.

Given that flannel is not a lightweight material, it can weather a lot of wear and tear and does not need to be washed every day. There are, of course, different styles of flannel pajamas, including two-piece sets that can be tucked in comfortably if the individual prefers. Also, because the material can be so warm, it may eliminate a need to invest in an electric blanket or other heavy bedding. Ironing pajamas is not a frequent occurrence regardless of the material, but flannel is a fabric that is least likely to wrinkle.

Flannel pajamas are available in a range of colors.
Flannel pajamas are available in a range of colors.

Individuals can select the type of flannel that is most comfortable during the given season as some are heavier than others. Winter pajamas for children could include one-piece coverings that essentially span neck to toe. Women and young girls might be comfortable in loose-fitting nightgowns. Flannel is a soft, comfortable material that allows the wearer's body to breathe without sweating excessively, and the fabric does not become snagged on bedding unlike other warm fabrics, such as fleece.

Although there are more benefits than disadvantages of flannel pajamas, the cons are quite severe. Flannel is a synthetic material comprised of cotton, wool, and polyester. If it gets near a flame, flannel can be extremely flammable. Flannel nightgowns might be especially susceptible to this danger because of the flow of the item. Another con, though less severe, is that flannel is not a material that can be worn all year long given the heavy, warm nature of the fabric.

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Flannel PJs are way less flammable than fleece. Fleece also is known to melt onto people if it lights on fire, which is way, way way worse for the person wearing it. Even if fleece is treated with flame retardants, it can still melt onto you or your baby. I am amazed that fleece has become so popular for baby/child blankets and pjs.

Just hold a lighter to the corner and watch it melt for yourself. Scary! You're also better off taking a gamble that your clothes may catch fire (you can always roll it out) than inhaling flame retardants while you sleep. It is much more harmful. Take it from me. I went to fashion school and learned way too much about how they produce these fabrics and finishes.


When I get to the point where I have a little bit more free time, I would like to sew some pajamas, nightgown and blankets made from flannel for children who are in need of warm clothing.

Their houses are probably not that well insulated. A nice warm pair of flannel pajamas, a nightgown or a flannel blanket would keep them warm at night.

Flannel fabric is fairly inexpensive and they have a lot of cute designs for children. Little things like this can make a big difference.


I wore flannel pajamas when I was a child. As a matter of fact, we could count on getting a new pair of flannel pajamas every Christmas.

I loved dressing my daughters in cute flannel pajamas when they were babies. I usually got the kind with feet coverings attached. Little ones squirm around so much at night that their blankets usually come off.

Now I don't care for flannel pajamas or nightgowns at all. I get way too warm. I don't really like the feel of flannel sheets either. They feel kind of rough and are too hot.

There seems to be quite a difference among people in their tolerance for hot and cold temperatures.


@snickerish - They do make flame retardant flannel pajamas, but the ones I have seen are kid's pajamas and something else that you wouldn't expect - controversial!

Apparently, some are worried about the chemicals used to make the material flame retardant, others wonder if the retardant works at all. So end story, I would research before getting a pair of comfy but flame retardant pajamas.

As far as my opinion about flannel pajamas - it makes me wish it was winter just thinking about them!


I have never had flannel pajamas but I had flannel sheets that I highly recommend for those cold winter nights. With these sheets, I felt like I saved money because I could keep my thermostat on a timer to heat the house less during the night and more when I woke up.

However, as my husband tends to be a little warmer than my usual temperature, he can't handle the flannel sheets; apparently he sweats a little when under them!

So I thought the perfect marital compromise was to go regular sheets while I find some flannel pajamas.

But I love my pajamas to be baggy so I am actually thinking about buying some men’s flannel pajamas; it'll almost be like being wrapped in the sheets!

However, I know this sounds a little fire paranoid, but the article noted that the pajamas are more flammable than other pajamas. So... do they sell flame retardant flannel pajamas?


My husband received a pair of flannel pajamas for men one year for a Christmas present. He is not much of a pajama person, but graciously thanked the person for the gift.

We ended up losing our electricity a couple of different times throughout that winter. Those flannel pajamas came in handier than he thought they would.

He still doesn't wear them on a regular basis, but they are nice to have around when you need them. They really do a good job of keeping you warm without getting too hot.


Our bedroom is the hottest room in the house in the summer, but the coldest room in the winter. Because of this, I have more than one pair of flannel pajamas.

There are a lot of colors and patterns you can choose from and some of them can be very luxurious. You don't really think of flannel as being luxurious, but the material is so soft and warm.

My favorite is a pair of pink flannel pajamas. The longer I have them, the softer they feel. I will put these on before bed and just relax around the house with them on.

When I am wearing my flannel pajamas and a pair of cozy slippers, I don't even need to snuggle up with a blanket to keep warm.


As soon as it starts to get cold, out come the flannel pajamas. They aren't just for kids, as I love wearing them as much as my kids do.

I love dressing my toddler in flannel pajamas that have the feet enclosed. This way I know she will stay warm at night and her feet won't get cold. Since she doesn't sleep well with blankets, these are important to keep her warm all night.

When I buy flannel pajamas for my kids I usually buy a size bigger than what they are wearing. This gives them a chance to grow into them and they are more comfortable for them to move around in.


I personally find flannel pajamas for women to be so comfortable especially in the winter. The problem is that I live in Miami and most of the time these flannel pajamas would be too hot for me to wear year round.

I prefer the flannel nightshirts because I like them better than the flannel pajama pants. They are cooler and look a little more feminine than the pants look.

My husband hates men’s flannel pajamas. I bought him a pair of these pajamas last year and he never wore them.


@manykitties2 - I have some favorite flannel patterns that I love, mostly things that feature cute animals for my kids, and simple colors for myself. I actually learned to make my own flannel pajamas because I like to sew and they didn't look too hard to make.

My favorite kind of flannel pajamas are basically the kind that just looks like an over-sized t-shirt. I am not one for wearing the bottoms because I find I get too overheated. I think that is the biggest downside of flannel pajamas, is that they can keep you a bit too warm.


There are so many cute flannel pajamas for women that it can be hard to choose among them. One of my favorite pajama companies, The Cats Pajamas, has made some great pieces that have appeared on different TV shows. I think my first inclination to buy flannel pajamas came from seeing Sarah Michelle Geller wear Yummy Sushi pajamas on Buffy the Vampire Slayer a few years back.

Does anyone have any favorite flannel patterns that you like to see used for pajamas? Or do you tend to just choose whatever is comfortable?

I love unique patterns but I find that they can get expensive.


@jennythelib - My cat loves flannel but isn't such a button hound! She just loves winter, when it's all plaid flannel pajamas and throw blankets.

For my little girl, I usually buy fleece pajamas instead of flannel; for one thing, that's what I tend to see in the small sizes, and for another, I think they're even warmer. Love the little footie PJs! I like to put her in really warm PJs so that she does not need to sleep with a blanket. When she was very small, of course it was dangerous for her to sleep with a blanket, and now that she's older, she just makes a mess of it and she can't adjust it herself yet.

Her little hands do get cold at night, but otherwise she seems quite comfy in her blanket sleepers.


Mmmm, love the flannel. I was so excited when I realized that LL Bean or Land's End makes petite flannel pajamas so the sleeves wouldn't be too long! (Still had to hem the pants. Yes, I am that short.)

I actually find that the jacket-style flannel PJs need to either be ironed or just very carefully folded. Something about the way the collar is sewn, it tends to sort of flip inside out with each washing.

The only other problem I have with my flannel PJs is the great big buttons. My cat loves them! She'll jump up in my lap to cuddle, then she notices the buttons and can't keep herself from having a nibble. Then I put her down. Then she jumps up in my lap just to cuddle... and the cycle repeats!

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    • Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
      By: philip kinsey
      Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
    • Flannel pajamas are available in a range of colors.
      By: trgowanlock
      Flannel pajamas are available in a range of colors.