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What Is a Circle Beard?

Kay Paddock
Kay Paddock

A circle beard is a popular style of facial hair that combines a goatee with a moustache. A goatee is a small beard on the chin, while the moustache is hair above the upper lip. When the moustache is grown out so that it connects with the chin beard, it becomes a circle beard, which is also sometimes called a door knocker. The hair grows down from the moustache along the sides of the mouth to meet the beard, forming a circle or oval on the face.

Men who are thinking of growing a circle beard may want to let their facial hair grow out at first, rather than attempting to shape it into the oval from the beginning. This can help prevent shaving away too much because there is not enough hair to form the style. Someone who wants to try new beard styles, such as the door knocker, may want to allow the hair to grow, then have it shaped for the first time in a salon. Once the lines are established by the barber or stylist, it may be easier to maintain the look than to try to shape it the first time on one's own.

A neatly trimmed goatee.
A neatly trimmed goatee.

A circle beard often is particularly attractive on men who have a rounded face. This type of beard can actually form a circle if the edges are allowed to curve outward away from the sides of the mouth. That would only emphases a round face, however — the lines going down next to the mouth can be trimmed straight, to give the beard a more oval shape. This helps draw the eye in and make a round face look narrower.

There are many different styles of beards that can be formed by changing the shape of the beard and moustache. Popular styles today often include sculpted lines and trimmed beards that are cut close to the skin. A beard trimmer can help keep beard hairs short for stylish beard shapes, and a sharp razor may help keep the lines of a circle beard or other type very defined. The circle beard is a style of facial hair that generally takes daily maintenance to keep up, so frequent shaving and trimming will probably be necessary.

Other styles of beards can easily be achieved by starting with a circle beard. For instance, by shaving the hair on each side of the mouth and separating the beard and moustache, the look can be changed dramatically. Likewise, shaving the moustache and leaving the beard results what is known as a goatee. Some prefer to grow the sideburns down the jaw into the beard in a line while shaving the rest, which forms what is known as a chin strap. Facial hair grows quickly, so someone unhappy with a beard style should be able to change it easily by either shaving or allowing the hair to grow out for a few days.

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    • A neatly trimmed goatee.
      By: ArenaCreative
      A neatly trimmed goatee.