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What Is a Cognac Diamond?

A Cognac Diamond is a richly hued gemstone, named for the deep golden color reminiscent of the fine French brandy. Its warm tones range from light brown to deep orange, offering a unique and luxurious alternative to traditional diamonds. Each stone tells a story of earth's artistry. Wondering how these gems can elevate your jewelry collection? Let's explore their captivating allure.
Valerie Goldberg
Valerie Goldberg

A cognac diamond is a dark brown type of champagne diamond. Champagne diamonds naturally contain shades of pink, gold, brown or red. Cognac diamonds get their rich, brown color from hydrogen or nitrogen combining with carbon atoms while the stone is forming in the ground.

The Argyle Diamond Mine in North West Australia produces a vast quantity of colored diamonds, including cognac diamonds. A color scale created by the mine is used to evaluate champagne diamonds. Cognac diamonds receive a rating of C7 on the color scale, making them the highest ranked type of champagne diamond.

Rings, including one with cognac diamonds.
Rings, including one with cognac diamonds.

Colored diamonds need a lot of heat to form. The Argyle Diamond Mine is located on a volcanic pipe, making it a prime area for various shades of diamonds to be uncovered. A majority of colored diamonds discovered at the mine fall into the color category of dark champagne or cognac.

Rings, necklaces and bracelets that contain cognac diamonds go with nearly any style of fashion. They can be set in silver, white gold or any shade of yellow gold. The rich and warm color of the diamond gives the stone a lot of versatility.

Cognac diamonds.
Cognac diamonds.

The dark brown color of cognac diamonds make the stone a good choice for men's jewelery. Cufflinks and men's rings containing cognac diamonds can be found at many high-end jewelry stores. These diamonds can be an acquired taste, and not every consumer might appreciate the beauty of these diamonds. When the fashion industry is not promoting these diamonds, shoppers can be find some reasonable deals on these unique gemstones.

Cognac diamonds have become trendy for engagement rings in recent years.
Cognac diamonds have become trendy for engagement rings in recent years.

One of the most famous diamonds in the world is a cognac diamond. In 1967, the Earth Star diamond was discovered in South Africa at the DeBeers Jagersfontein mine. This 111.59-carat diamond is pear shaped. As of 2011, the Earth Star was considered the third-largest brown diamond in the world.

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These are simply brown diamonds, of which there is a glut, that are usually sold for industrial purposes being cleverly marketed. See also chocolate diamond. Their re-sale value will be next to nothing.


@Grivusangel -- Obviously, the diamonds from Australia are all right, but I'd be really suspicious of any from Africa -- especially from Liberia or Sierra Leone, assuming it's even legal to buy these in the U.S. I think diamonds from Liberia have been banned.

I know there's a certification process that can help you make sure your diamonds are clean. A reputable jeweler should be able to tell you about it. Most good jewelers follow this process, and I wouldn't buy a thing from a jeweler who didn't check his or her diamond inventory very carefully.


Would any of these diamonds qualify as conflict diamonds? I really don't want to buy a conflict diamond. I want to know where my gems (the few I have) come from, and I certainly don't want their purchase to fund a war somewhere else.

@Jewellian -- I suspect many brides would like a cognac diamond, especially if they have a dress in a color besides white or ivory. A cognac diamond would be lovely with a rum pink dress, I think. Brides are getting away from a lot of traditional wedding trappings, and that's true in rings as much as in wedding gowns.


I suppose so, Ahmerus! Though some brides may be old fashioned and 'something old, something blue and something "cognac", might take some getting used to.

Diamonds are a 'girls best friend", regardless of the color!

This is the first I have heard of a "cognac diamond, though I have seen pink and black diamonds. I may have seen a cognac diamond, but because of its tint, did not realize it was, indeed a diamond. The article indicates gold or silver is a suitable companion as a cognac diamond setting. But, I wonder how many brides would choose a cognac over a plain old 1 or 2 carat diamond ring?

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    • Rings, including one with cognac diamonds.
      By: Rozaliya
      Rings, including one with cognac diamonds.
    • Cognac diamonds.
      By: Gnel Karapetyan
      Cognac diamonds.
    • Cognac diamonds have become trendy for engagement rings in recent years.
      By: Halfpoint
      Cognac diamonds have become trendy for engagement rings in recent years.
    • Cognac diamonds were named for their dark brown color, which is similar to cognac.
      By: EcoPim-studio
      Cognac diamonds were named for their dark brown color, which is similar to cognac.