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What is a Couture Cut?

B. Miller
B. Miller

A couture cut is a type of high-fashion hairstyle based on the latest trends. Because trends and popular styles are constantly changing, there are no set parameters for a couture cut. Typically, it is a style that has been highly customized for the individual who will be wearing it.

Couture cuts are often fairly short, sometimes with spiky bangs or other uneven pieces of hair in the cut. Couture cuts are often seen on the runway in fashion shows. Of course, a couture cut may look however the client wants it to look, or however the hair stylist designs it. There are many reasons to get a couture hair style.

Couture cuts often involve styling using tools like curling irons.
Couture cuts often involve styling using tools like curling irons.

First, if someone constantly searches for the new trends in fashion and tries to emulate those styles, a couture cut will look great. A haircut is often the finishing touch on any outfit, and a high-fashion cut will help anyone to look pulled together and stylish. In addition, couture cuts are very unique. They are often designed by the stylist for the client, so no one else will look the same. A new, eye-catching hair color might go along with the cut as well.

There are some downsides to a couture cut. In general, this type of haircut is more expensive than a regular haircut, and requires a skilled stylist to create the look. In addition, it may be difficult to maintain a high-fashion cut, as it may require frequent trims and visits back to the salon. This can be even more expensive if the stylist does not include regular bang trims for free in between cuts, for example.

It may also be difficult to style the hair on one's own, if the couture cut requires complicated styling. Any short, dramatic, spiky hair cuts can take a while to grow out if the client decides he or she doesn't like the style. Most couture cuts will require extra styling tools, such as a hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, and various sprays and lotions to get the style to hold.

A couture cut can be a great way to make a statement and to display one's fashion sense. Take time to get to know a hairstylist's work thoroughly, however, before allowing him or her to make drastic changes to the hair. In addition, be prepared to frequently maintain the haircut at the salon, and to take extra time in the morning getting ready.

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@manykitties2 - I always use the virtual haircut websites. Then I have a reference to hand the stylist and I know what style and color I want ahead of time.

A lot of the websites update with newest hairstyles too. I used to go to the salon and dig through the magazines there for something that might fit my face.

Being able to have an example of the color you want is great to! No more picking through the color samples.

I have a round face, so something like a couture cut would probably look pretty good on me. Of course, I'd try it on digitally first.


@manykitties2 - I think I may have been looking at the same picture you looked at from your description. I narrowly avoided a similar mistake with a couture cut by consulting with my hair stylist before just telling him what to do.

My hair stylist and I have a pretty good rapport so he wasn't afraid to tell me that the hair style I had picked was going to add 20 pounds to my face. I was lucky that he was willing to alter the cut so it flattered my face, instead of looking like I was wearing a bad wig.

A good hair stylist will always let you know if you're about to do something dumb. No one wants an unhappy customer.


Couture cuts can be pretty risque so you should really make sure the style suits your face shape before taking the dive and getting it done. I found a picture in a magazine I really liked that featured a short and spiky cut, and to be honest, I looked pretty bad after having it done.

Nowadays you can give yourself a haircut virtually. All you need to do is find a website that allows you to try out hairstyles, upload a picture of yourself and you are good to go.

I wish I had done this before getting my haircut. I wouldn't have ended up looking like a disheveled hedgehog.

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    • Couture cuts often involve styling using tools like curling irons.
      By: Africa Studio
      Couture cuts often involve styling using tools like curling irons.