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What Is a Hair Bun Cover?

Marjorie McAtee
Marjorie McAtee

A hair bun cover is a small hat-like covering meant to be worn over a bun in one's hair. Ballerinas often use them as a decorative touch that helps hold the tight ballerina bun in place. Hair extensions and other accessories, like veils, can be easily attached to the head with a hair bun cover. Some people even wear them as part of a spiritual or religious devotion that requires the hair be kept concealed, even though it doesn't typically cover the entire head, but just the bun itself. Hair bun covers are generally manufactured using a variety of materials and techniques, and they can be crocheted from yarn, or constructed from wire and jewels.

The accessory known as a hair bun cover may be considered similar to a snood, a type of hair net often embellished with tassels, lace, and other decorative touches. The difference between a bun cover and a snood is that a snood typically contains all of the hair, either for purposes of modesty or convenience. A bun cover, on the other hand, generally covers only the hair bun and is largely decorative in nature. Those who wear them for religious or spiritual reasons typically consider them a symbol of religious modesty that remains practical for use in everyday life.

One style of hair bun cover is created by crocheting yarn.
One style of hair bun cover is created by crocheting yarn.

The bun has long been a popular hairstyle, especially among women, for its versatility, style, and convenience. Considered one of the easiest hairstyles to accomplish, the bun is typically made by pulling the hair back into a ponytail, twisting the ponytail, and then rolling the twisted hair up into a bun shape on the back of the head. The bun hairstyle has a long history in many cultures. A number of variations can be made on this hairstyle — buns can be tight and neat or loose and untidy. Double buns on either side of the head are often considered a stylish variation on the bun.

Hair extensions can be used with bun covers.
Hair extensions can be used with bun covers.

Covering the bun with a hair bun cover can add an extra sense of style to the look. Delicate, jeweled bun covers are available for formal occasions. Crocheted or knitted bun covers are generally appropriate for daily wear. Some manufacturers attach often-colorful hair extensions to bun covers, for those who wish to adopt a more unconventional style temporarily. Some hair bun covers come with attached hair picks or combs, so that the bun cover itself can help to hold the hairstyle in place.

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I think it was in Ancient China that both men and women wore bun covers. Since it was considered proper to keep you hair long, keeping your hair under a bun cover kept it clean and out of your face while you worked. Chinese hair bun covers were beautiful and elegant.

Bun covers are popular in a lot of Asian nations. The Japanese have lots of cartoon characters that were them. I've found lots of crocheted hair bun covers and I recently found one that is shaped like a bunny -- I guess they appear to a wide variety of people.

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    • One style of hair bun cover is created by crocheting yarn.
      By: kulikovan
      One style of hair bun cover is created by crocheting yarn.
    • Hair extensions can be used with bun covers.
      By: alarsonphoto
      Hair extensions can be used with bun covers.