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What is a Kangaroo Pocket?

Mandi R. Hall
Mandi R. Hall

In fashion, a kangaroo pocket refers to a certain kind of pocket sewn onto a garment of clothing. The pocket itself is typically much larger than most pant, coat, or blouse pockets. Big enough for both hands to fit into, this type of pocket is also called a muff pocket or hoodie pocket. It sits on the front, lower portion of the shirt or dress, much like a kangaroo’s marsupium, or pouch. Stylistically, these kinds of pockets are typically associated with casual clothing choices, such as sweatshirts (or hoodies) or simple cotton dresses.

While the kangaroo pocket itself may be considered an accent piece, it also proves to be useful. It is long and wide enough to carry a few things in, such as a wallet or other personal belongings that might typically go in a rear pocket or purse. Consumers should be careful, however, because the pocket typically has very wide openings on either side, through which belongings may fall out of.

A man wearing a hoodie with a kangaroo pocket.
A man wearing a hoodie with a kangaroo pocket.

Much like a fleece muff, which is a an old-fashioned alternative to mittens, a kangaroo pocket keeps hands warm on a cold day. Because the pocket is open on either side without a wall sewn into the middle of it, hands can keep warm by both the heat of the fabric as well as the other hand. Additionally, the pocket offers easy access for hands to go in and out of in a moment’s notice, unlike cumbersome mittens, gloves or more restrictive pockets.

A hoodie's kangaroo pocket helps keep keys or ID tucked away during a power walk.
A hoodie's kangaroo pocket helps keep keys or ID tucked away during a power walk.

In North America, kangaroo pockets are generally called “hoodie pockets,” as they are characteristic of a hoodie. Generally, this type of sweatshirt is made out of cotton. A hoodie, or a hooded sweatshirt, is a very popular piece of casual wear, which may or may not have a zipper. If it does have a zipper, the zipper restricts access for a single pocket, so it has two pockets. Most hoodies without zippers, however, come with a kangaroo pocket. The hoodie’s other telltale feature is its hood, which can be loosened or tightened with a drawstring.

A kangaroo pocket may feature a zipper.
A kangaroo pocket may feature a zipper.

In many countries — more specifically in Europe — hoodies complemented by a kangaroo pocket have been highly criticized. Such large pockets have made it easy for shoplifters to stealthily conceal and steal goods. Likewise, the hoods can easily hide a shoplifter’s face from a video camera.

Many popular clothing brands have started marketing hoodies adorned with these pockets to different kinds of social communities. Skateboarders are known to wear hoodies, for example, and skateboard brands have begun marketing their own hoodies with kangaroo pockets. Hoodies with such large frontal pockets are also popular for students and campers.

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I make kangaroo pockets in my kids' clothing. I've made a kangaroo pocket dress for my daughter and a few shirts for my son. I found a tutorial for it online. It's very easy. I just add a fabric inside the clothing and then cut and stitch the two openings of the pocket at the front. My daughter likes to keep her hands in it when she's cold or sometimes she keeps a small toy in it.


@fify-- I actually find kangaroo pockets cute and they come in handy. I have several hoodies and dresses with kangaroo pockets. I also have a night dress with one. I like how it looks and I like being able to carry things in it. I've never had something fall out of my kangaroo pocket. I just make sure that I place it toward the middle and not the ends. Plus, I love hoodies. They are so comfortable and warm. I don't want to wear anything else in winter.

Maybe you should try a different clothing item with a kangaroo pocket. Maybe it's that hoodie that's not suiting you. It's a good idea to buy a hoodie one size larger than your usual size. It's more comfortable and easier to put on and remove. And if you have extra weight, it will be less visible.


I don't like hoodie pockets. I don't have a flat stomach and a hoodie pocket makes my stomach look big. It's unflattering. I'm also scared to put anything in it. I had my phone in my hoodie's pocket once and I had to check that it was there constantly because it felt like it might fall out. I definitely prefer regular pockets to hoodie pockets.

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    • A man wearing a hoodie with a kangaroo pocket.
      A man wearing a hoodie with a kangaroo pocket.
    • A hoodie's kangaroo pocket helps keep keys or ID tucked away during a power walk.
      By: Syda Productions
      A hoodie's kangaroo pocket helps keep keys or ID tucked away during a power walk.
    • A kangaroo pocket may feature a zipper.
      By: Nomad_Soul
      A kangaroo pocket may feature a zipper.