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What Is a Layered Wedge Haircut?

A layered wedge haircut is a chic, versatile style that combines angled cuts with short-to-medium layers, creating a structured yet voluminous look. It's perfect for adding dimension and movement to your hair. Whether you're seeking a bold transformation or a subtle update, the wedge haircut can be tailored to suit any face shape. Curious about how it could elevate your style? Let's dive deeper.
C. Daw
C. Daw

The layered wedge haircut is a style that is longer in the back than on the sides, and that has various different lengths of bangs depending upon the specific style wanted. They are basically shaped in an angle similar to a wedge, starting at the back and working around the front on both sides evenly. The layered wedge haircut, which may be similar to a layered bob cut, began gaining appreciation in the 1970s and has gradually increased in popularity throughout the years because it is easy to care for and keeps the hair out of the eyes.

In order to make this cut, the trimming begins in the back. The layered wedge haircut begins with the length chosen in the back, which is usually lined up with the back of the neck. Then the cutting begins around the side of face in a way that gradually goes up, thus giving the effect of a wedge. The other side of the head is then cut in exactly the same way to give a uniform and stylish design.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Once the actual layered wedge haircut is shaped the bangs need to be cut in the shape that is wanted. These bangs can be extremely long, or short, depending on the preference of the person getting the cut. Many celebrities use this hairstyle with long bangs that are shaped to go down the side of the face next to the ears. Many cuts have the bangs extended down to the bottom of the nose to give the person plenty of room to work with so that they can change the style of their hair by simply changing the shape of the bangs. No matter which style is chosen for the bangs, the layered wedge haircut is completely shaped once they are done.

The last phase of this haircut is layering. This can be done by using scissors specifically designed for this task, or it can be done carefully by hand. Basically what a layered haircut does is to give the appearance of more depth to the hair by "stacking" the layers. It is accomplished by moving up towards the top of the head a short distance and trimming the hair to be slightly shorter than the bottom layer. This process is repeated all the way up the head until the top is reached.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing