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What is a Massage Pedicure?

A massage pedicure is a luxurious spa treatment that combines the pampering of a traditional pedicure with the relaxation of a therapeutic foot massage. It rejuvenates your feet, improves circulation, and promotes stress relief. As you indulge in this blissful experience, consider how the health of your feet impacts your overall well-being. Ready to explore the deeper benefits?
B. Miller
B. Miller

A massage pedicure is simply a pedicure that includes a foot massage as part of the treatment. In general, most pedicures do include a massage, so although it may not be advertised as a "massage pedicure," there is a good chance that a massage will be included. There are a few different types of massage that a salon technician may use.

In most massage pedicures, the massage takes place after any old toenail polish has been removed, the toenails have been shaped and filed, cuticles have been pushed back with an orange stick, and the feet have been soaked in a warm water foot bath for a few minutes. After that, the technician will probably buff or file the feet to remove any calluses or rough skin. Next, it is time for the massage.

A woman getting a massage pedicure.
A woman getting a massage pedicure.

In a massage pedicure, the technician will use an essential oil or thick, rich lotion to rub into the feet to soften them during the massage. The technician will massage the foot, toes, and lower leg for approximately five to six minutes per foot. Any foot or leg sensitivities should be mentioned to the technician prior to the start of the massage pedicure, so he or she knows to be gentle with those areas.

Toenails with a French pedicure.
Toenails with a French pedicure.

Another type of massage pedicure is the reflexology foot massage. This longer massage lasts about 15 minutes, and the technician will use acupressure to target specific areas in the feet that are believed to be linked to other areas in the body, including glands and organs. This massage is meant to be especially relaxing, and provide benefits for the whole body.

A massage pedicure may include a hot stone foot massage.
A massage pedicure may include a hot stone foot massage.

Another popular type is a hot stone foot massage. In this type of massage, warm stones are placed on the feet and legs while the technician massages the area. This is meant to help relax the muscles, and make the massage more beneficial. It may be necessary to lie down on a massage table to receive a hot stone massage. In that case, some may choose to have a hot stone massage over the entire body, which is very relaxing as well.

Receiving a foot and leg massage as part of a pedicure should not make the treatment any more expensive. In general, all of the aspects of the pedicure are included as part of the price. After the massage has been completed, the technician will then apply the toenail polish, and the massage pedicure is complete.

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I love foot massages. I would have one every day if I could. Samaira

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    • A woman getting a massage pedicure.
      By: Yuri Arcurs
      A woman getting a massage pedicure.
    • Toenails with a French pedicure.
      By: Valua Vitaly
      Toenails with a French pedicure.
    • A massage pedicure may include a hot stone foot massage.
      By: Kesu
      A massage pedicure may include a hot stone foot massage.