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What Is a Razor Haircut?

Cindy Quarters
Cindy Quarters

A razor haircut is a style of haircut achieved with the primary cutting tool being a razor blade. The blade is used to create multiple layers of hair. A razor haircut can be used on hair of any length. The style is more dependent on the type of hair being cut than the length of it.

It is often easy to confuse a layered cut with a razor cut. Both styles are very similar in that in both cases, the hair is cut in layers, with the shorter layers starting at the top of the head, progressing to longer layers farther down. Despite this similarity in the basic style, how the cuts are accomplished and the end result are quite a bit different from one another.

Razor haircuts can be done on hair of any length.
Razor haircuts can be done on hair of any length.

When looking at a layered cut, the overall appearance is a smooth, blended look. The length of each layer is consistent all the way around the person’s head, and each layer melts into the next one almost invisibly. Layering works well on most kinds of hair, including curly hair, where each layer ends with a mass of curls, resulting in a cascading effect from top to bottom.

Razor haircuts may not be a good option for people who have curly hair.
Razor haircuts may not be a good option for people who have curly hair.

A razor haircut does not work well for all kinds of hair. It is not generally considered a good choice for people with thin, straight hair. The razor haircut also does not lend itself well to curly hair, as the razoring effect tends to be lost amid the curls.

The general idea of a razor haircut is to create layers, but not the smooth, seamless layers of a layered haircut. Instead, each section of hair has a slightly different length. The overall effect of a razor haircut is a rough, choppy look, one that cannot look smooth no matter what is done to it. During the process of cutting the hair, it is also textured with the razor in many places, adding to the choppy look.

Ultimately, a razor haircut is not for everybody. The hair ends up looking thin, often unkempt, and there is no way to smooth it out once it has been cut. Long hair looks wispy, short hair won’t lie flat, and medium length hair often just looks messy.

For those who like the look of a razor haircut, however, the cuts can seem dreamy and free-spirited. Wearers have a just-rolled-out-of-bed look that many strive for, and the style requires minimal care. Wearing a razor cut provides a way for people to express themselves through their hair.

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I think that razor cut hair turns out great when the razor is new and sharp. When the razor is dull, it causes a lot of damage to hair, especially split ends.


@ZipLine-- Razor haircuts are definitely not for everyone.

Do you have thick hair? Razor haircuts are suited for people with thick hair. This might be why several hair stylists were keen to give you a razor haircut.

When someone has very thick hair, layers look bulky and unflattering. Also, some short hairstyles don't look as they should when the hair is very thick. So hair stylists try to make hair thinner by using a razor. It actually works well for most people, but this type of haircut does require some maintenance. Especially those with frizzy hair, like you, will need something like hair wax, gel or spray to keep hair looking tidy.

Razor layered haircuts might not be for you but I know several people who love this hairstyle and who claim that it looks best on them. To each his own I guess.


Razor haircuts were very popular for a while. At one point, when I went to a hair salon and asked for a layered hairstyle, I was automatically given a razor haircut. The stylist would cut my hair with scissors first and then, thin out the ends with a razor. No one ever asked me if I wanted a razor cut or not.

I hated the razor haircut look. I already have frizzy hair that's difficult to manage. And a razor makes hair even more frizzy. It was so difficult to keep my hair straight and tidy. Not everyone can straighten their hair and use a bunch of hair products every day.

After a few haircuts, I realized that the razor is my issue and started requesting haircuts by scissors only. A few stylists were a little taken back and wanted to clarify that that's what I wanted. I have no idea how they came to the conclusion that everyone would want a razor haircut.

Thankfully, razor haircuts are not as popular now.

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    • Razor haircuts can be done on hair of any length.
      By: Sergey Nivens
      Razor haircuts can be done on hair of any length.
    • Razor haircuts may not be a good option for people who have curly hair.
      By: indiraswork
      Razor haircuts may not be a good option for people who have curly hair.