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What Is a Short Layered Bob Haircut?

C. Daw
C. Daw

A short layered bob haircut is a hairstyle that is typically cut above the shoulders, with bangs present in the front and layers added into it. This is a common hairstyle for men and women, and the cut can even be made with a variation in the length of the hair to make it even shorter. This is simply a modified bob haircut with layers added to help hide split ends, to add more texture to the hair, and to give the appearance of having more depth. There are many different ways to cut this type of style, but the basic method to cut a short layered bob haircut begins at the base of the neck and works around towards the front.

When cutting this type of hair style, a stylist begins by trimming the nape of the neck. In order to achieve this bob haircut, it must be decided how long the hair will be. This can be even with the base of the neck line, or even as short as the ears. No matter what length is chosen, the back of the head will be cut first, and then the hair will be trimmed all the way around the head at the exact same length.

The short layered bob haircut is a bob cut, like this one, but which is layered to hide split ends or add texture.
The short layered bob haircut is a bob cut, like this one, but which is layered to hide split ends or add texture.

The bangs are typically included in a bob cut, unless it is a graduated cut where the hair is slightly longer in the front than the back. This is performed at varying lengths as well, depending upon how they are worn. A short layered bob haircut can have any type of bangs as long as they are styled according to the rest of the hair.

The final stage involved in cutting a short layered bob haircut is to add the layers. This can easily be accomplished by using scissors designed for this task, or it can be carefully done by hand. Layers give the hair more options for styling, as well as adding body and movement to the hairstyle. A layered bob is different from a straight bob, where the hair is all one length. A layered bob can be a bit more fun and flirty when compared to a straight bob, which helps the wearer achieve a more polished, sophisticated look. Hair type should also be considered, as those with a natural wave or curl may be able to make the most out of a layered bob.

How To Blow Dry a Short Layered Bob

There are a couple of ways to blow dry a short, layered bob. The first method is the fastest and most convenient method for blow-drying a bob and only requires a round brush and hairdryer.

After washing your hair and towel-drying, you need to apply a heat protectant to it. Argan oil is a common protectant, and it and similar products help produce a shinier and silkier appearance reducing frizz.

With the blow dryer at a safe distance from your hair, you can begin drying your hair. Use the round brush to comb out from the root to the end. Some women prefer to brush from the back to the front.

When your hair is adequately detangled, you can begin styling the cut. The way you prefer your bob will dictate how you use the blow dryer. Lift the hair while you brush for a more voluminous look, allowing more airflow to the roots. For a flat bob, keep tension on the hair and keep the brush close to the scalp; you might even want to use a flat iron.

The second method requires a brush, hairdryer, and hair clips; this method is about getting a voluminous and sleek bob blowout. You will repeat the first step from the first method, towel-drying the hair and applying a heat protectant.

Next, you will need to part your hair into sections using a brush. Many women part their hair into four sections: back, left, right, and top. Use hair clips to define each area. With the clips in place, remove only one clip at a time, styling that section.

The conventional approach to this method is to start from the back and end on the top. Therefore, you remove the back clip first, style and dry it, followed by the sides and then the top.

What Is the Difference Between a Long Layered Bob and Short Layered Bob?

There are two types of layered bobs: long and short. While people often prefer one or the other, both styles are popular.

Long layered bobs tend to be longer in the back and gradually shorten as the cut moves toward the front. The progression from long to short is the exact opposite of the short layered bob.

One point of interest when discussing the long-layered bob is that length is not as important as the positioning of the longest hairs. A long-layered cut can be short if its longest layers are in the back.

When talking about short layers, stylists are referring to the distance between the bottom of the hair and the top. Additionally, short-layered bobs start shorter in the back and get longer toward the front.

Regardless of the style bob you choose, the cut is meant to create volume and texture in fine, straight hair. Additionally, a layered bob creates movement. The longer the layers, the greater the movement. Therefore, the length you want will depend on your needs. If you would like a cut that remains still and flat to your head, consider a short bob, but if you want movement and flow, a long-layered bob is likely of more interest to you.

Ultimately, when considering a new haircut, you should consult with your stylist. Professional stylists can help you identify the best cut for your face shape.

What Is the Best Face Shape for a Short Layered Bob Haircut?

While many face shapes can wear the bob haircut, the oval shape is typically considered the best for the cut. Essentially, the even proportions of the oval shape make it incredibly well-suited for a layered bob. Really, oval faces can often pull off any hairstyle, except for hairstyles with thick or fringed bangs.

People often assume that a round face is similar enough to an oval face, making it ideal for a short layered bob, but that is not always true. It would be best if you avoided short bobs with a round face, opting instead for an A-line or angled bob. People with round faces should avoid having a hairstyle or bob shorter than their chin.

Women with rectangular faces can also benefit from a short bob. You will usually want to avoid longer hairstyles because they tend to elongate the face. Therefore, short cuts, such as a layered bob, can help make a face look a little broader and less tall.

Bobs are versatile haircuts. Your hairstylist is the best person to talk to about what style of bob best suits your face shape.

Discussion Comments


@SteamLouis-- A short layered bob haircut can refer to a typical short bob with layers or a concave or graduated bob with layers.

A typical bob haircut usually does not have layers, but some people do get them which is then called a layered bob. A graduated bob or concave bob also have layers. These are short in the back and long in the front. Another variety, the A-line bob cut is basically a graduated bob without the layers. So a short layered bob haircut cannot refer to an A-line bob.

If you are interested in a short layered bob haircut, make sure to take some pictures with you to the hair salon and describe to them exactly what you want. For example, if you want a graduated, short, layered bob, tell them that's what you want. Since there are so many different types of bob cuts, it can get a little confusing otherwise. The length of the hair in the back can also vary with bob haircuts, so it's a good idea to discuss this with the stylist as well.


Is a short layered bob haircut same as a concave bob then?

Layers can be made in all bob haircuts regardless of the length. Layers are used in both long, medium and short bob cuts. I actually think that it's more difficult to make layers in a short bob haircut because if the layers are too short, it can look kind of strange. It will also be more difficult to manage due to flyaways.


Many celebrity women wear layered, graduated bob haircuts and it looks very nice on them. I think this haircut is best for women with a round face and medium hair. I also like that hair is fairly long at the front, while it's short at the back. It's a unique take on the classic bob cut.

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    • The short layered bob haircut is a bob cut, like this one, but which is layered to hide split ends or add texture.
      By: Rido
      The short layered bob haircut is a bob cut, like this one, but which is layered to hide split ends or add texture.