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What Is Beeswax Hair Wax?

Wanda Marie Thibodeaux
Wanda Marie Thibodeaux

Beeswax hair wax is a styling product used to keep hair manageable and hold it in place. Its primary base is beeswax, a sticky substance produced by female worker bees as a way to build the honeycomb, but it may contain other waxes, as well. This product has health and environmental advantages, but it isn't appropriate for all hair types.

Although other hair styling products are available, beeswax for hair has some major advantages. First, although recipes vary, a very basic beeswax hair wax is completely natural, having no harsh chemicals and not relying on aerosol cans that use potentially dangerous propellants to move product from the container. This makes it a good choice for people who are health or environmentally conscious, or who might have a sensitive scalp. Secondly, unlike a gel, the wax typically doesn't contain alcohol. Normally, the alcohol in a regular gel evaporates over the course of a day, causing the gel to harden and lose pliability, but beeswax does not have this issue.

One of the major purposes of beeswax hair wax is to keep hair in a particular style, such as spikes. It also can be used to smooth flyaways, however, creating a sleeker, neater look. Many people like the wax for defining unruly waves or curls.

Beeswax hair wax helps hold hair in place.
Beeswax hair wax helps hold hair in place.

Regardless of how people use this hair care product, the wax helps smooth down the cuticle or outermost layer of the hair strand. It also seals and coats the hair. This means the hair is less likely to tangle, as the protein scales that make up the cuticle layer cannot catch on each other as easily. It also translates to the ability of the hair to maintain the proper amount of moisture. With properly hydrated, smoothed hair that is protected from the environment, a person does not experience as much breakage and hair stays soft, shiny and healthy.

Wax does not wash out of hair, making removal difficult for some users.
Wax does not wash out of hair, making removal difficult for some users.

Despite the benefits beeswax hair wax has, it is not suitable for all hair types. It works best on those with very coarse, dry and wild hair. People with extremely fine, thin hair cannot always use the product, because depending on the formulation, the wax can weigh down the hair, making it look limp and lifeless.

Another drawback to beeswax hair wax is that it sometimes is a little tricky to get out of the hair. This is a problem because the inability to wash out the wax can result in buildup and an undesirable sticky and dirty look and feel. It is not uncommon for a person to have to shampoo and condition hair at least twice to remove the product, although some waxes are formulated to be slightly easier to wash out.

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Beeswax is great for African American hair. It helps keep curly hair tamed and straight hair straight when it's applied after styling. My hairstyle lasts up to three days with beeswax.


@ysmina-- I use beeswax for my hair for styling and to control flyaways. I'm very happy with it, it works great.

I don't have trouble washing it out but that's because I apply olive oil or coconut oil to my hair first to break down the beeswax. It washes out very easily this way and since I leave the oil in my hair for at least half an hour, it's like a hair treatment as well. If you don't use oil first, you will have a hard time washing out the beeswax.

If you decide to try beeswax, make sure that you only use a little bit. I take a tiny amount and rub it between my fingers to warm it up and soften it. A little goes a long way and there is less likelihood of buildup.


I have very curl, unruly hair. I have not found a hair wax that works for my hair. I want to try beeswax but I'm worried that I won't be able to wash it out and that it will leave a bunch of residue behind.

Does anyone here use beeswax as wax hair? How is it working for you? Do you have trouble washing it out?

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    • Beeswax hair wax helps hold hair in place.
      By: matin
      Beeswax hair wax helps hold hair in place.
    • Wax does not wash out of hair, making removal difficult for some users.
      By: Roman Gorielov
      Wax does not wash out of hair, making removal difficult for some users.
    • Beeswax hair wax works best on people with dry hair.
      By: seprimoris
      Beeswax hair wax works best on people with dry hair.