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What Is Eyelid Glue?

Eyelid glue is a cosmetic adhesive used to temporarily create the appearance of a double eyelid, often sought after for its eye-enhancing effect. It's a popular beauty hack in East Asia, offering a non-surgical solution for a defined eyelid crease. Wondering how it transforms your look with a simple application? Join us as we unveil the magic of eyelid glue.
Marjorie McAtee
Marjorie McAtee

Eyelid glue is a type of cosmetic glue often used by people with an Epicanthic fold, or, as it's often called, a single eyelid. In cases of a single eyelid — common among Asian people — the levitator muscle that helps to lift the eyelid attaches much lower on the eyelid than normal, so that the eyelid does not typically have a prominent crease. Users of eyelid glue typically apply this cosmetic adhesive to the upper eyelid in the location where they would like to create the appearance of a crease. A special fork-like instrument is then generally used to push the eyelid back behind the eye, creating the appearance of a double or noticeably creased eyelid.

Fans of eyelid glue claim that its use makes the eyes appear wider and rounder. It can be used as an alternative to eyelid tape, which has much the same cosmetic effect. Sometimes eyelid glue is used instead of blepharoplasty, a cosmetic surgery procedure with permanent results.

Makeup artists recommend applying eyelid glue near the eyelashes.
Makeup artists recommend applying eyelid glue near the eyelashes.

While eyelid glue can cause some irritation to the skin, it is generally considered safe for use around the eyes. Applying eyelid glue can take several minutes, since it usually needs to be applied in at least two coats. The first coat should generally be allowed to dry for a few minutes before a second coat is applied. Makeup artists typically recommend applying the glue near the eyelashes for the best results.

Once the eyelid glue is applied to the eyes, the eyelid can be pushed towards the back of the eye using a small plastic pick usually provided with the glue. This motion helps adhere the eyelid to the skin above the eye, creating the appearance of a creased eyelid and a rounder, more open-looking eye. Eyelid tape, a similar adhesive product, can also be used to achieve the same temporary results. A strip of tape is generally placed on the eyelid, then the eyelid is pushed back until it adheres to the skin above the eye. The effects of the glue or tape usually last a few hours before re-application becomes necessary.

There is controversy in some circles regarding the use of eyelid glue among Asians to enhance the appearance of the eye. Some believe that Asians use this cosmetic adhesive solely to downplay the single eyelid that is considered characteristic of Asian people. Others, including many who use it, believe that this cosmetic product simply makes the eyes look more prominent and more alert. Users often point out that it can make the application of other cosmetics for the eyes, including mascara and false eyelashes, easier and more effective.

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    • Makeup artists recommend applying eyelid glue near the eyelashes.
      By: MartiniDry
      Makeup artists recommend applying eyelid glue near the eyelashes.