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What is Usually Included in Nail Art Kits?

Nail art kits typically burst with creativity, including vibrant polishes, stencils, stickers, and tools like dotting pens and brushes. They may also contain gems, foils, and striping tape to add flair to your designs. Curious about unleashing your inner nail artist? Discover how these components can transform your nails into miniature masterpieces. What will you create?
M.C. Huguelet
M.C. Huguelet

Those who wish to create artistic fingernail styles without visiting a salon can be turned off by the need to buy a number of different products. Nail art kits simplify the process of creating decorative nails at home by grouping all of the necessary products in a single package. Usually, the kits include paint, image-creating implements such as stencils, stamps, or stickers, and fine-detail instruments such as dotting tools. Some kits may also include a home airbrushing machine.

No nail art kit is complete without paint, which provides the base of most nail designs. Depending on the specific kit, the paint included may be normal nail varnish or it may be a specialized paint intended for use with an airbrushing machine. Paint colors also vary from kit to kit. Some kits may include traditional colors such as red and pink, while others may include unconventional shades like blue, yellow, or green.

Artificial fingernails with nail art.
Artificial fingernails with nail art.

Most nail art kits also include items used to create graphics on the nails’ surfaces. For instance, they may include stencils, which are laid over the nail, filled in with paint, and then removed. They may also include stamps, which are dipped in paint and then pressed onto the nail, leaving behind a small image or pattern. Also sometimes included are stickers, which are simply adhered to painted nails. These stickers are relatively mess-free, making them a good option for parents with children who wish to decorate their own nails.

Nail art kits may include nail art jewelry, like rhinestones.
Nail art kits may include nail art jewelry, like rhinestones.

Many nail art kits come with instruments used to create fine details. For instance, they may include what is known as a dotting tool. This is essentially a thin piece of wood or plastic with a pointed tip. The tip is dipped into paint and then touched to the nail’s surface, leaving small, colored dots behind. Some kits also include fine-tipped brushes, which can be used to add shading, to draw stripes, stars, flowers, or to create other small decorations.

Finally, some kits include a home airbrushing machine. This machine pumps compressed air through a hose to which a paint-dispensing head is attached. The paint is then sprayed onto the nail in a fine mist. While working with an airbrushing machine requires skill and practice, once mastered it can be used to create very intricate nail designs. Nail art kits which include airbrushing machines tend to be significantly more expensive than those that do not.

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Discussion Comments


I like to decorate my nails for holidays, but I'm not good at painting. So, I buy kits that contain holiday nail art stickers.

For Christmas, I had a different sticker on each nail. I had holly, candy canes, Santa Claus, Rudolph, and several other kinds on top of white nail polish to make them stand out even more.


There are so many different kinds of kits. I like the kind that has those fine-tipped nail art brushes in the polish.

I can create designs with these so much easier than I can with regular nail polish brushes. It's almost like using a pen.

I bought a nail art set that contains nothing but several bottles of nail polish with these brushes inside the bottles. This is all I need.


Nail art sets are awesome for people who don't want to spend a lot of money on nail art supplies. I bought a kit that contained rhinestones, pearls, and glitter, and it was much less expensive than buying all of these separately.

I love 3D nail art, so I'm always looking for shiny things that I can glue to my nails. I use fake nails so that I don't damage my real ones.

Many times, the fake nails will come with the set if glue is involved. Probably not too many people want to risk tearing up their real nails when removing the rhinestones.


I really wanted an airbrush nail art set, but once I found out how much it cost, I had to forget about it. The cheapest one I could find online was still over $100!

I will probably try stencils with regular paint instead. If I can't have the airbrush effect, at least I can have nice, smooth edges to my designs.

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    • Artificial fingernails with nail art.
      Artificial fingernails with nail art.
    • Nail art kits may include nail art jewelry, like rhinestones.
      By: sakura
      Nail art kits may include nail art jewelry, like rhinestones.