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How Do I Choose the Best Eyebrow Wax?

Selecting the best eyebrow wax hinges on your skin type and desired shape. Opt for gentle formulas if you have sensitive skin, and consider the wax's temperature and application method. Precision is key for achieving the perfect arch. Want to ensure your brows look their best? Discover how the right wax can elevate your beauty routine. What's your eyebrow goal?
T. Alaine
T. Alaine

Choosing the best eyebrow wax to suit your personal preferences can be the difference between having a positive or negative at-home waxing experience. The first decision you will have to make is whether you want to use hot wax or cold wax strips, both of which have distinct pros and cons. You also can choose to purchase a full eyebrow waxing kit, which will include various tools or cosmetic products to make the process as simple as possible. Selecting the best eyebrow wax is largely dependent on choosing products that make you feel as comfortable as possible, so knowing your options is key.

The two basic types of eyebrow wax are hot wax and cold wax. These products generally contain similar base ingredients, which usually are either beeswax or paraffin. Whether you choose hot wax or cold wax strips, you should always look for a wax that is fortified with protective vitamins, oils or aloe to help nourish the skin and protect it from possible waxing damage. Differences come into play mostly in the methods of application.


Hot wax is solid at room temperature, and it generally is packaged in a microwavable tub. To use the wax, you heat it in the microwave until it is warm and viscous, then apply it directly to the skin. Before the wax sets back into a solid, you must apply a cloth strip, which you will then rip off to remove the unwanted eyebrow hair. Be warned that overheating the wax can cause severe burns, and removing the strips can be painful but very effective. This product is the best eyebrow wax for you if you are confident in your ability to use the somewhat complicated wax correctly and do not mind a bit of a mess.

A good eyebrow wax can result in perfectly shaped brows.
A good eyebrow wax can result in perfectly shaped brows.

If hot wax does not sound appealing, the best eyebrow wax for you might be cold wax strips. Cold wax comes pre-applied to the cloth strips and does not need to be heated before use. You simply warm the wax with the heat of your hands until it is somewhat moldable, then press the strips over the eyebrow where you want to remove hair. Using cold wax can be a lot less intimidating but might not be as effective at grabbing the hairs as hot wax is. If you need a less-intimidating introduction to waxing and do not mind a less-precise application, you can try cold wax.

Some waxing kits include tweezers to pluck out stray hairs.
Some waxing kits include tweezers to pluck out stray hairs.

Both hot wax and cold wax are available in eyebrow waxing kits. These kits are designed to give you the best eyebrow wax experience by including several additional elements to facilitate the process. In addition to the wax, waxing kits often include stencils or shaping guides, tweezers for stray hairs and after-wax oils or creams to soothe the skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

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Discussion Comments


I use a wax pen to shape my eyebrows. It's basically a pen shaped container with wax inside. When the plastic at the end is turned, some wax comes out at the other end which is applied to areas around the eyebrows. The wax pen comes with small sheets of cloth strip that are applied over the wax and then pulled.

Before I discovered this product, I was using the hot wax that I use for the rest of my body to remove eyebrow hairs. But it was very difficult to apply on the face and I would apply way too much wax. The great part about this wax pen is that the tip is very small so it applies just the right amount of wax.


@ddljohn-- Cold wax strips don't work too well for me either. I think those are more effective for people with fine eyebrow hair. I have very thick and coarse eyebrow hair so I think the cold wax strips are not sticky enough to remove my hair.


I bought some facial wax strips yesterday to use on my eyebrows. It's the kind that has to be rubbed between the hands before use to soften like the article described.

All I can say is that I'm completely disappointed. I followed all of the directions, rubbed for a long time and applied on clean, dry areas around my eyebrows. But the strips did not remove any eyebrow hairs. It's a complete waste of my money.

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    • Wax.
      By: blueee
    • A good eyebrow wax can result in perfectly shaped brows.
      By: elavuk81
      A good eyebrow wax can result in perfectly shaped brows.
    • Some waxing kits include tweezers to pluck out stray hairs.
      By: MarkFGD
      Some waxing kits include tweezers to pluck out stray hairs.