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How Do I Choose the Best Lip Balm Supplies?

Selecting the best lip balm supplies hinges on understanding ingredients, your skin type, and the climate you live in. Opt for natural moisturizers like beeswax or shea butter, and avoid artificial fragrances if you have sensitive skin. SPF is a must for sun protection. What other factors should you consider for healthy, hydrated lips? Join us to uncover more.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Look for quality products, not just cost effective ones, when choosing lip balm supplies. It's a good idea to perfect your lip balms by experimenting with different amounts and types of the best ingredients available before purchasing supplies such as tubes and compacts. If you create wonderful lip balms that you decide to sell or give as gifts, then you may want to add supplies such as a filling tray that can save time by allowing you to fill many lipstick tubes at once. Even if you'll just need lip balm supplies for your personal use, you're likely not to overbuy by waiting until you've actually developed some recipes you love.

Olive oil, beeswax, vitamin E and mango butter are popular soothing ingredients in good quality lip balms. You may want to start by choosing some of these to blend together when experimenting with lip balm recipes. Cosmetic grade sunflower, almond or apricot oils are often good alternatives to olive oil. Rather than mango butter, you could experiment with either palm or coconut oil. Keep in mind that beeswax, or soy wax, will harden lip balm, while adding additional oils or butters can soften it.

Experiment with different kinds of lip balm to find one that suits you.
Experiment with different kinds of lip balm to find one that suits you.

When choosing lip balm supplies, make sure to have completed your research so you are aware of what not to buy. For example, you should typically avoid petroleum jelly in your lip balm crafting supplies since it tends to trap moisture on the lips rather than penetrate to moisturize. It's also best to look for lip balm suppliers that carry natural colorants rather than dyes. Don't be tempted to overbuy lip balm natural colorants, as you should be using enough just to tint your creations. If you choose beeswax that is already tinted rather than the white variety, you'll need even less colorant. If you want to add sun protection products to your lip balms, check to make sure items such as zinc oxide or titanium oxide are approved for use in cosmetics in your country before purchasing these materials.

Lemon essential oil can give a lip balm a nice scent.
Lemon essential oil can give a lip balm a nice scent.

When choosing the amounts of lip balm supplies you'll actually use, it can be helpful to think of the steps you'll take to create the products, such as melting, coloring, flavoring and filling. Picturing each process can help you remember what types of lip balm ingredients you'd like to use in each step. Look for essential oils rather than artificial flavors for your lip balms. Citrus and mint varieties can be the easiest to use for beginning lip balm makers. Once you master these, you may want to try essential oil flavors that can be more difficult to add in pleasing quantities such as such as vanilla, berry and chocolate.

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You will want to experiment with the right amount of ingredients to get your lip balm the way you want it. There is a good balance between what is too soft or too hard - neither are very good.

Adjusting the amount of beeswax in your lip balm recipe can help with that. Adding more beeswax will make it harder.

If you are just getting started, there are many places where you can buy a whole kit and then you will have everything you need to make several tubes of your own lip balm.


One of the best things I purchased when buying lip balm supplies was a holder for the lip balm tubes. The one I bought works with the standard size tubes, but makes it so much easier than trying to make sure the tubes don't fall over when you are filling them.

Before I purchased this I would wrap the tubes in a rubber band that held them together, but I became frustrated with this method, so went ahead and bought the holder.

It does not take very many ounces to fill several containers, so you can fill several all at once and be set for a long time. The lip balm will stay good. I have even re-used containers for myself if I need to.

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    • Experiment with different kinds of lip balm to find one that suits you.
      By: Nazzu
      Experiment with different kinds of lip balm to find one that suits you.
    • Lemon essential oil can give a lip balm a nice scent.
      By: viperagp
      Lemon essential oil can give a lip balm a nice scent.
    • Lip balm may double as a lip tint.
      By: Johanna Goodyear
      Lip balm may double as a lip tint.