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How Do I Grow a Soul Patch?

Craig Bonnot
Craig Bonnot

A soul patch is a type of beard that is similar to a goatee. It is a small growth of facial hair underneath the lower lip. The style originally became popular during the 1950s. Jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie is often credited with popularizing it. To grow a soul patch, you will need to let your facial hair grow, then shave everything except the area between the lower lip and chin.

There are different variations on the soul patch. They can be thick and bushy or thin and neatly trimmed. Before growing this type of beard, you should decide which style you want to have.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

A soul patch takes the same amount of time to grow as a regular beard. First, you should stop shaving for a few days to allow your facial hair to grow out. Then, wet your face and apply shaving cream to your beard. Shave off the beard, except the area under the bottom lip and above the chin.

To keep your soul patch centered under your chin, start shaving by the ear on one side of your face. Trim downward until the hair is removed on that side, then repeat the process on the other side of your face. Use cold water to wash any remaining whiskers or shaving cream off your face.

After you have shaved, you have the option of trimming or styling your soul patch any way you want. To trim it, you will need a beard trimmer. Most beard trimmers come with removable and adjustable trimming guides.

To trim a soul patch, comb down your beard and then start at the bottom of your chin and trim up toward your mouth. After this, you can remove the adjustable trimming guide and shave the area around your beard. This will allow your facial hair to keep the shape that you want it to have.

A soul patch must be kept clean, just like regular hair, so you should wash and shampoo your beard daily. It is acceptable to use conditioner, but rinse your beard after you apply it. Conditioner might cause flaking if it is not rinsed out thoroughly. After washing, you can use a towel to gently pat your facial hair dry. You can then comb your facial hair with a wide-tooth comb.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips