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What Are the Features of a Diamond Face Shape?

A diamond face shape boasts remarkable contours, with high, dramatic cheekbones, a narrow forehead, and a pointed chin. This unique structure creates a captivating canvas for hairstyling and makeup application, enhancing natural allure. Discover how to accentuate a diamond face's exquisite features and achieve a radiant look that turns heads. Ready to unlock the secrets to your most flattering styles?
Kathleen Howard
Kathleen Howard

A diamond face shape is one defined by its strong bone structure. This face shape is widest at the cheekbones, which often protrude and give the face its diamond-like appearance. The forehead will be less pronounced and gradually reduce in width to form a narrow, pointed chin. It is important to know one’s face shape for several different reasons. People with diamond face shapes can counteract or intensify their features using certain makeup techniques and hairstyles.

The characteristics of a diamond face shape vary from the features of different face shapes. On a person with this face shape, the most prominent feature should be the cheekbones. The face should be widest at the cheekbones, and the cheekbones should be strong and well defined.

Those with a diamond face shape can use blush to accent or downplay their prominent cheekbones.
Those with a diamond face shape can use blush to accent or downplay their prominent cheekbones.

On a diamond face shape, the forehead should be thinner than the cheekbones but wider than the chin. The chin will taper from the cheekbones and form a point. Some people will have very pointed chins, while others will be more rounded. Many times, people with this face shape will also have a long jaw line that gradually narrows.

In addition to a long chin, people with diamond face shapes often have long, slender faces. The face should be noticeably longer than it is wide. While these face shapes vary in severity, they should meet most of these characteristics. People who have a difficult time differentiating between face shapes can outline the shape of their face in the mirror using a washable marker or makeup pencil. This should help distinguish whether a person possesses the features of a diamond face shape.

After recognizing one’s face shape, a person might want to learn how to apply makeup for that particular shape. Makeup can be applied to either subdue or draw attention to certain features. People who want to make their face appear shorter can apply bronzer to the temples, hairline and under the chin. Those who want to further emphasize their cheekbones can apply bronzer right below the cheekbones. Highlighter and blush should be applied to the cheekbones to make the bone appear more prominent.

It is also possible to tailor one’s hairstyle for face shape. To add width to the chin, people with a diamond face shape can either keep their hair chin length or begin their layers at the chin. Bangs that cut straight across the face will shorten a long face, as will a deep side part. People who want to draw attention to their strong bone structure should choose hairstyles that keep the hair off the face. Styling one’s hair and makeup according to bone structure is one of the easiest ways to flatter a diamond face shape.

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    • Those with a diamond face shape can use blush to accent or downplay their prominent cheekbones.
      By: Subbotina Anna
      Those with a diamond face shape can use blush to accent or downplay their prominent cheekbones.