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What Are the Features of a round Face Shape?

A. Gamm
A. Gamm

There are six main face shapes that many people have. The round face shape is one in which the width and the length of the face are approximately the same. Soft facial features, such as a rounded jaw line, differentiate the round face from other similar face shapes like the square face, which has hard, angular facial features. While it lends a more youthful look, it can also create a heavy-set look. This face shape also tends to be harder to emphasize various facial features.

In most cases, the round face is the same in length as it is in width, and the cheeks are the widest area on the face. The jaw tends to be round and approximately the same width as the forehead. Cheeks may be round and give a youthful, fuller appearance. It is also common for the hairline to mimic the roundness of the face. Although a characteristically round face may be easily identifiable, the recommended way to determine if a person has a rounded face is through measurements.

Goatees suit men with round faces.
Goatees suit men with round faces.

Although people with round face shapes may appear to look more youthful, some may also appear heavier in weight than they actually are with this face shape. For this reason, certain styles are recommended to help slim and lengthen this particular face shape. Both hairstyles and makeup are used to create angles and give the illusion of a longer face. Some accessories may also assist in doing this.

Higher, arched eyebrows suit a round face.
Higher, arched eyebrows suit a round face.

Finding suitable hairstyles for a round face is often the most important step in lengthening the face. Typically, men should opt for styles that have more volume at the top of the head and more trim around the sides. Side parts, waves and rounded goatees also suit men with round faces. Women should seek hairstyles that end at the chin or have angles near the face that end at the chin. Side parts and side-swept bangs go well with round face shapes, and soft curls or waves are preferred over straight, rounded or overly curly styles.

Makeup may help add angles to the face for a woman with a round face shape.
Makeup may help add angles to the face for a woman with a round face shape.

For a woman with a round face shape, makeup may be a practical option for adding angles to the face. Usually, adding highlights down the center of the face will emphasize the main focal points of the face. Darker concealer used under the cheekbone, around the jaw line, and on the temples may also help to create angles. Higher, arched eyebrows also suit this face shape. Accessories like high-crowned hats with irregular brims may also lengthen the round face shape as may angled glasses.

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I learned how to do facial contouring with makeup recently and I absolutely love it. The appearance of the face can be changed significantly with contouring methods. There are even makeup gurus who make themselves look just like celebrities with these techniques.

I contour my cheeks and the sides of my nose with a dark brown contour color. I highlight the middle of my nose, my cheekbones, my forehead and chin with a white slightly shimmery highlighter. Basically dark colors push features back whereas light colors bring features forward. So I'm bringing my nose and cheekbones forward to break the round look of my face.


@bluedophin-- What type of hair style do you have?

Women with round faces can make their face look longer and narrower by keeping hair long and straight. This will cut off the roundness of the face on the sides and give the appearance that the face is longer.

Men can use the same type of hair style, or grow a goatee as the article said. Basically vertical hair and facial hair styles work well on round faces.


I have a round face. It's absolutely true that a round face shape both makes a person look youthful as well as heavier weight wise. People often ask me if I'm in high school, but I'm almost thirty! I don't mind looking younger at all, but I don't like looking heavier. My face especially looks very plump in pictures so I avoid pictures as much as possible.

I really admire people with long faces and long chins. Their face looks very thin, even if their body is not thin. So they always look good in pictures and in video.


Basically, a round face appears much wider than an oval face, while the length between the chin and forehead of an oval face is obviously longer.

I personally think that if you have a round face, your hair makes it look longer if it is longer. My daughter has a very round face, and when she lets her hair grow slightly below her shoulders, her face looks much slimmer.


What is the best way to tell if your face is round and not oval? And if it is round, what is the best hairstyle to compliment it?

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    • Goatees suit men with round faces.
      By: grufnar
      Goatees suit men with round faces.
    • Higher, arched eyebrows suit a round face.
      By: ingaivanova
      Higher, arched eyebrows suit a round face.
    • Makeup may help add angles to the face for a woman with a round face shape.
      By: AlexandreNunes
      Makeup may help add angles to the face for a woman with a round face shape.