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What Are the Pros and Cons of a Short Shag Haircut?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

A short shag haircut can be a trendy and versatile style for the right person. These types of haircuts are easy and inexpensive to maintain and considered an excellent haircut for individuals with thick hair. People with very curly or very fine hair, on the other hand, should not get a shag haircut. Short shag haircuts may also look less feminine on some women, and they can be very had to grow out.

Some women who have neither the time or the patience to deal with high-maintenance haircuts. For many of these women, getting a short shag haircut can solve that problem. This style is very easy to maintain. Many times, nothing more than a small dab of styling wax or gel is necessary.

Those with very fine hair should avoid short shag haircuts.
Those with very fine hair should avoid short shag haircuts.

Like many other types of short haircuts, a short shag haircut takes only a short time to dry after a shower. Hairstylists also recommend washing the hair only a few times each week, since the natural oils on the scalp can add texture to this haircut. Washing the hair less often usually results in less time in the shower, as well as less money spent on shampoo.

Unlike some other types of hairstyles, a short shag haircut is considered an excellent choice for women with very thick hair. Since their hair is so thick, it naturally has body and texture. Also, since the hair is short, it will pull less on the scalp, which can be more comfortable.

On the other hand, a short shag haircut is usually not recommended for individuals with very curly hair or very fine hair. Curly hair that is cut like this can appear frizzy and be hard to maintain. Fine hair can appear limp and lifeless.

Long, flowing hair is often associated with glamour and femininity. Short hairstyles, however, are often considered to be more masculine. This may be another disadvantage of a short shag haircut. While some may see the haircut as trendy or edgy, others may view it as less feminine.

Many women may find that growing this haircut out can be a bit difficult. During the stage in between the short and long hair, this haircut can look disheveled and unkempt. Stylists have a number of tips, however, for individuals who are trying to grow long hair.

First of all, getting regular trims will eliminate split ends. Trimming of split ends should be done roughly every six to eight weeks. Also, using hair clips or headbands to hold back longer pieces of hair can help as well. Not only is this look stylish, it also keeps hair from hanging in a person's face.

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    • Those with very fine hair should avoid short shag haircuts.
      By: Sergey Nivens
      Those with very fine hair should avoid short shag haircuts.