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What is Camouflage Clothing?

A Kaminsky
A Kaminsky

Camouflage clothing is rather self-explanatory. It is clothing worn by people, usually hunters, who wish to blend in with their environment. It is also used by military personnel for the same purpose.

Military personnel often need to blend in with the background for safety. Therefore, they have three main kinds of camouflage clothing: olive drab, desert and snow. Olive drab camouflage is what we are most accustomed to seeing. It is a pattern of irregular splotches and patches mainly in olive, black and forest green. Desert camouflage is a pattern of khakis and tans, while snow camouflage is white, gray and blue-gray.

Camouflage clothing for hunters is by far the most popular kind of "cami," however. Clothing and sporting goods companies have made their fortunes by designing and selling various kinds of camouflage clothing patterns for the hunter.

Olive drab is the most common type of military camouflage.
Olive drab is the most common type of military camouflage.

Since hunters pursue their sport in all environments, sporting goods companies have responded by offering camouflage patterns for every background imaginable. There are mossy oak, red oak, maple, summer, autumn, winter and spring forest patterns. Some of these patterns have pictures of leaves, twigs, branches and grass scattered across the fabric - all to mimic a forest background and provide cover for the hunter. Their clothing is also specially made for extended outdoor exposure and use, to keep the hunter safe, warm and dry in most conditions.

Military camouflage can include face paint.
Military camouflage can include face paint.

Camouflage clothing is available in T-shirts, pants, overalls, coats, jackets, caps, rain ponchos and hoods. Hunters can choose these garments in nearly any pattern they need and want, right down to their thermal underwear. Their boots can be purchased in camouflage, or can be covered with camouflage spats or gaiters, and some firearm companies even offer gun stocks and butts in camouflage patterns.

Hunters can purchase their camouflage clothing in sporting goods stores, online and through catalogs. It varies in price, and most stores also sell blaze orange vests and caps, which hunters should always wear when they are traveling to and from their vehicles, campsites or hunting spots. People have been shot by other hunters who thought they were stalking a prize white tail buck. The orange caps and vests help prevent such accidents.

Camouflage clothing is also popular as casual clothing. It is common to see young men, especially, in camouflage T-shirts and caps worn with jeans. Since camouflage coats are warm and durable, they are also popular as casual winter coats. With its durability and wide availability, camouflage clothing will probably continue to be popular with hunters and non-hunters alike.

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Can I buy old army camouflage clothing? I just started getting in to paintball and it seems like having the camouflage that real soldiers use would be a big help on the paintball course. I have looked at a few army surplus stores but they do not seem to have any actual camouflage. Most of what they sell is marketed to hunters. I need something made for war.


What are the best places for buying a wide variety of camouflage clothing? I need to see the largest possible number of styles in the widest range of variations. Surely there must be a place online that specializes in nothing but camouflage clothing.


The range of camouflage clothing available today is really incredible. You can even buy 3D camouflage clothing that has things hanging from it to make you virtually invisible when you are crouched in a tress or buried in leaves.

Any experienced hunter will tell you that having the right kind of camouflage can mean the difference between a kill and going home with nothing.

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    • Olive drab is the most common type of military camouflage.
      By: ia_64
      Olive drab is the most common type of military camouflage.
    • Military camouflage can include face paint.
      By: oswe
      Military camouflage can include face paint.