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What is Phyto Shampoo?

Phyto Shampoo harnesses the power of plants to nurture your hair, blending botanical extracts with science to cleanse and revitalize. It's a natural choice for those seeking gentle yet effective hair care. Each formula targets specific needs, ensuring your locks receive tailored nourishment. Intrigued by how nature can enhance your hair's health? Discover the Phyto difference and see the transformation.
B. Miller
B. Miller

Phyto shampoo is part of a complete line of hair care products. The brand name of the entire line is Phyto, and then a suffix is generally added to the word to indicate specific products. For example, Phytojoba® is a shampoo with jojoba oil added for its moisturizing properties.

Phyto shampoo was developed by Patrick Alès in Paris in the 1960s. According to the company website, Alès worked on the hair of people such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Catherine Deneuve while developing hair care products made from various combinations of essential oils and plant extracts. Alès then opened his own salon in 1969, which is still in business today.

Phyto shampoo is intensely moisturizing.
Phyto shampoo is intensely moisturizing.

The Phyto shampoo line includes shampoos specialized for many types of hair and specific hair issues. These include common categories such as dry hair, color-treated hair, anti-frizz, dandruff, and curly hair, among others. Less common shampoos are also included in the product line, such as those for anti-aging, hair loss, sun care, and "lifeless" hair. Some examples of product names include Phytodéfrisant®, for frizzy hair; Phytocurl®, for curly hair; and Phytodensium® anti-aging serum, for lifeless hair.

A person with dandruff may benefit from using phyto shampoo.
A person with dandruff may benefit from using phyto shampoo.

Aside from shampoo, Phyto offers other products for the hair. These include daily and deep treatment conditioners, hair masks, oil treatments, creams, volumizing spray, and hair mists for use after sun exposure to prevent damage from ultraviolet (UV) rays. The Phyto brand recommends that one uses all their products in conjunction -- for example, using shampoo, conditioner and hair cream all from the same specific product line.

Phyto shampoo may help alleviate a dry scalp.
Phyto shampoo may help alleviate a dry scalp.

Phyto shampoo, along with other Phyto products, are packaged in aluminum tubes and glass bottles. The company states that this is done to "minimize the use of preservatives and to maximize the effectiveness of the botanical formulas." This also means that the packaging of Phyto shampoo is recyclable. For those concerned about the environment, this is a benefit to using Phyto products.

Phyto shampoo is more difficult to find in stores than more common shampoo brands. It can be ordered online, though not directly from the manufacturer. The shampoo and other hair care products can also be found in salons or specialty beauty supply stores. The price for one bottle of Phyto shampoo ranges between $20 US Dollars (USD) and $30 USD. A gift set of Phyto shampoo and other products could make a nice, luxurious gift for a birthday or holiday.

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Discussion Comments


I am planning to change my shampoo to a phyto shampoo too! They are simply amazing. Their product line offers shampoos for many different hair concerns such as dry hair, dandruff, hair loss and so many more.


I have very thin hair and am always looking for products that will help it look fuller. A friend of mine suggested I try the Phyto volume shampoo.

I noticed a difference after the first time using it. I am also impressed with their packaging and interest in the environment.

I like purchasing products from companies who support recycling and like the reusable bottles they package their shampoo in.

Since I had such good results with the shampoo, and like what the company represents, I am anxious to try some of their other products.


I have naturally curly hair and like this for the most part, but really have to work at keeping it under control.

This is where the phyto hair shampoo really helps. It has a way of bringing out the natural curl in my hair without making it look frizzy.

I have also noticed that my hair feels softer and more manageable after using this on a regular basis.

This shampoo costs a little bit more than what I was used to paying, but the benefits it gives my hair is worth the extra cost.


@turkay1-- Yea, the shampoos are less dense than some other kinds of shampoos, but that's kind of how they work. If you buy one, you'll actually see in the instructions that it says to wash hair twice with it. It might not lather up much the first time, especially if your hair is not very wet, but it does lather well the second time. So a third wash is not necessary.

I'm using phytojoba right now because I have very dry hair. What I do is to rinse my hair with water first so that it is completely wet, then I take a little bit of shampoo and lather in. I don't rinse my hair right away, I let the shampoo sit in my hair for a while and then rinse. The second wash, it lathers up really well and I let it sit in my hair again.

It works really well this way and it lasts me a long time. You don't need to worry about it running out right away. I think you should give it a chance. Pick one that's right for your hair and just follow the directions on the back. I'm sure you're going to benefit from it.


I haven't tried phyto shampoo yet, although my friend tells me to try it all the time. I like that they have different products for different kinds of hair and different needs, but I think it's way too pricey for a shampoo.

My friend also told me that the shampoos are kind of watery and don't lather too well. I don't want to spend $30 for a shampoo and then use it up in a week because it's so watery. I've used watery shampoos before and I usually lather and rinse three times because it doesn't feel like my hair is clean enough the first or second time.


I am so impressed with the phyto line. I've been using their phytocitrus shampoo for colored-hair and it works great. I have my hair dyed and highlighted regularly, so it's pretty worn out. Ever since I've started using phytocitrus though, it looks much better, it feels stronger and looks more lively.

My mom is also using some of their other products, phytovolume shampoo and conditioner. She has really fine hair, so these two really help give it more volume.

I think this is the best hair care line I've tried so far. I've also heard great things about their hair masks and serums. I planning on purchasing it next time I go to my salon.

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    • Phyto shampoo is intensely moisturizing.
      By: Iurii Sokolov
      Phyto shampoo is intensely moisturizing.
    • A person with dandruff may benefit from using phyto shampoo.
      A person with dandruff may benefit from using phyto shampoo.
    • Phyto shampoo may help alleviate a dry scalp.
      By: Jasmin Merdan
      Phyto shampoo may help alleviate a dry scalp.