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How do I Choose the Best Eyelash Curler?

Choosing the best eyelash curler is about matching your eye shape with the right design. Look for a curler with a gentle curve if you have deep-set eyes, or a flatter one for wide eyes. Ensure the pads are soft yet firm to avoid pinching. Durability and comfort are key. Wondering which specific brands stand out? Let's dive deeper into the top picks.
B. Miller
B. Miller

An eyelash curler is a tool that many women use to make eyelashes look longer and thicker, and to make the eyes look more open. Choosing the best eyelash curler is relatively easy; many people agree that even inexpensive drugstore versions can be effective when used properly. The best eyelash curler is just one that curls the eyelashes gently without pulling them out, or making them appear crimped and bent.

To choose the best eyelash curler, select one that is curved to the shape of the eye. This is the most standard type of eyelash curler, and is found in most drugstores and cosmetics stores. Precision eyelash curlers are smaller and may be used to curl the smaller eyelashes around the sides of the eyes, but this tool is often not necessary. Some people prefer to purchase designer eyelash curlers, but this is based on one's own preference.

A woman with curled eyelashes.
A woman with curled eyelashes.

When choosing the best eyelash curler, be sure to choose one with interchangeable pads. The soft pads press up against the eyelashes to curl them, and it is important that these pads can be changed regularly to prevent eye irritation or infection. This is because makeup and other skin impurities can build up on the pads, making them sticky as well, which can make it easy to pull out the eyelashes. The pads should be smooth and rounded, which helps the eyelashes to look as if they are curled rather than crimped.

Some people prefer to heat the pads of an eyelash curler with a hair dryer before using.
Some people prefer to heat the pads of an eyelash curler with a hair dryer before using.

Some people find that the best eyelash curler is a heated eyelash curler. It is easy to make any eyelash curler heated, though, simply by aiming the hair dryer at it for a few seconds to warm up the pads. Be very careful when doing this, however, and be sure to hold the eyelash curler a good distance away from the hair dryer to prevent it from becoming too hot. Make sure it is just warm, but not hot enough to burn the eyes.

An eyelash curler is generally used before mascara application.
An eyelash curler is generally used before mascara application.

In general, an eyelash curler is used before mascara application. Curl the eyelashes for approximately ten seconds on each eye, and use an eyelash comb if necessary to comb out any clumps. Then apply mascara for a more dramatic look. Some women find that simply curling the eyelashes is enough, but those with pale eyelashes may find that mascara is necessary. An eyelash curler is a simple, inexpensive makeup tool that can make a big difference in one's appearance.

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@aLFredo - I think false eyelashes are great when going out at night, but not necessary during the daytime. False eyelashes can really add some glamor and beauty to even the best outfit and best look.

Applying false eyelashes do not hurt, although at first they do feel uncomfortable. As long as you take your time applying and removing them, they should not hurt you though.

Applying false eyelashes are fairly easy, once you do it a few times. The first couple times it can be difficult and frustrating, but usually after that it gets quite easier and more enjoyable.

You can use an eyelash curler on false lashes. I would only use the non-heated eyelash curler for fake eyelashes, as it seems like they may melt or something with added heat. I would curl your natural eyelashes with your false eyelashes, this gives a fuller, more natural look.

You can find fake eyelashes that are already curled, but you may want to use an eyelash curler for optimal curl. Also, if you use your false eyelashes more than once, they will definitely need to be curled with an eyelash curler after the first time.


I have an eyelash curler, but I rarely use it. I have one that has the plush pads, I just don’t find too many reasons to use it. I only wear eye makeup on special occasions and/or when I go out to fancy places. My eyelashes aren't real long, but they aren't real short either. They look all right enough, for me, to go out on a regular basis without curling them or putting on mascara.

I did not even know there were heated eyelash curler that give you a longer lasting curl. I also didn't know you could use a blow dryer to heat up a regular eyelash curler. From the stories I have heard from other posts, I am not going to try the blow dryer method anytime. It seems way too risky!

I have never used fake eyelashes. What do you all think of them? And do fake eyelashes hurt and/or are they uncomfortable/difficult to put on? Can you curl fake eyelashes? Do some fake eyelashes come already curled?


When I was younger I had no idea you were supposed to replace the pad in an eyelash curler. My mom is sort of beauty routine impaired, so I had to teach myself all this stuff.

I first started curling my lashes in high school, and I just loved doing it. My lashes are naturally pretty dark, so all I need to do it curl them and they look awesome (if I do say so myself). Anyway, as I said, I didn't know I was supposed to change the pad part of the curler.

Needless to say, I ended up with a pretty bad eye infection. One of the first questions my doctor asked me was if I used a lash curler! He explained to me that I needed to clean it and change the pad, which I've been doing ever since.


@JessicaLynn - I can see how that would make you a bit nervous. I actually just recently got over my fear of the eyelash curler. However, I made sure to do a bit of research first to prevent against mishaps.

Also, I decided to go with a moderately priced eyelash curler. A friend of mine ended up pulling out some of her lashes with a bargain eyelash curler (they got stuck somehow). I decided to err on the side of caution and purchase a decent lash curler. So far, so good!


@orangey03 - I share your eyelash curler fear. I've never been able to bring myself to try one either. I feel like they look like little tiny torture devices! Also, a few of my friend have had bad experiences with eyelash curlers, so that's scared me away as well.

A friend of mine actually singed all of her upper lashes off on one eye with an eyelash curler! She had heard that you could use a blow dryer to heat up an eyelash curler for better results. Well, she failed to get enough information before she tried it herself.

I assume she held the lash curler too close to the hair dryer. Because, as I said, she ended up burning her lashes off! She had to wear fake lashes on that one eye for quite awhile til they grew back.

I know that this was user error, but it still makes me nervous!


I have always had thick, long eyelashes, so I have never used an eyelash curler. I have issues with anything that looks like it could cause pain coming close to my eyes, so when I saw my cousin using a curler for the first time, I freaked out.

When she put her lashes into the metal instrument and clamped down, a chill actually went down my spine. Though the results she got were beautiful, I could not bring myself to try it.

Does anyone else have a fear of eyelash curlers? I feel like I might not be alone in this.


I like having defined eyelashes, but don't think I will go to the extreme that some do. One of my friends had a permanent eyelash surgery done. I had never even heard of this before.

She was quite excited about it because she doesn't have to mess with applying artificial lashes anymore. When I found out how much it cost, I knew for sure I wouldn't be doing it.

I don't like applying artificial eyelashes, so do everything I can and work with my own. I have an inexpensive eyelash curler that I bought a few years ago.

One of the most important things for me is to make sure I have clean pads to use on a regular basis. It doesn't take long before the pads can get gummy and this is when I know it is time for a new one.

The eyelash curler itself will last a long time, but the pads are what I replace on a regular basis. I also curl my lashes before I put on my mascara, and use a comb to further define them before applying my mascara.


Eyelash curlers have changed a little bit since I first started using them many years ago. You can still buy a simple eyelash curler that will last you for many years, but there are some newer ones that have some good features.

I saw a Japonesque eyelash curler that was battery operated and was a heated curler. I have always used heat when curling my eyelashes because this makes the curl last longer.

I was used to using my hair dryer to heat up the pad before curling my lashes. This new eyelash curler I bought is battery operated and is a curler and heater all in one.

I haven't noticed much difference in the end result, it is just a little bit more convenient and quicker than using the hair dryer method.

Curling my eyelashes has been a part of my morning routine for many years. I love how curling them makes them look longer and fuller.


@Mae82 - I have the best heated eyelash curler but I would never use it on synthetic lashes. Depending on what they are made out of you could actually end up melting the eyelashes, which is not a good thing to do, especially if you're wearing them!

I just use a plain old Shiseido eyelash curler when I am wearing fake eyelashes. The key is to get as close to the base as possible when you are curling your natural and fake lashes together. Also, make sure that the glue is totally dry or you might actually end up pulling off the fake eyelashes when you try to move the eyelash curler away from your face.


Does anyone know whether or not you can use an eyelash curler after you applied fake eyelashes with eyelash glue?

I found that the eyelashes I purchased don't have enough of a curl for my liking once they are on, so I would really like to modify that without damaging the eyelash adhesive. I suppose I could just buy new eyelashes, but the ones I picked up were a bit expensive.

Also, do you think that it would be safe to use a heated eyelash curler on synthetic lashes, or should I stick with the plain one? I have both so I just want to use whatever works without damaging the lashes.


I used to use an eye lash curler when I was younger, but I actually prefer using an eye lash primer and then apply my mascara. It really offers the same effect as using a lash curler but it doesn’t cause the discomfort that using an eye lash curler does.

I stopped using an eye lash curler because it became uncomfortable to use and I knew that there had to be an easier way to get my lashes looking long and fuller. I also try to apply a thicker eye liner on the top part of my eye lids near my lashes which will automatically give the illusion of thicker lashes because of the line.

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    • A woman with curled eyelashes.
      A woman with curled eyelashes.
    • Some people prefer to heat the pads of an eyelash curler with a hair dryer before using.
      By: macbrianmun
      Some people prefer to heat the pads of an eyelash curler with a hair dryer before using.
    • An eyelash curler is generally used before mascara application.
      By: bedya
      An eyelash curler is generally used before mascara application.
    • The pads of an eyelash curler should be changed regularly to prevent eye infection.
      By: uwimages
      The pads of an eyelash curler should be changed regularly to prevent eye infection.
    • An eyelash curler is typically used before applying eyeliner and eyeshadow.
      By: Minerva Studio
      An eyelash curler is typically used before applying eyeliner and eyeshadow.
    • Many women prefer to curl their lashes with an eyelash curler before using an eyelash comb.
      By: MartiniDry
      Many women prefer to curl their lashes with an eyelash curler before using an eyelash comb.