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How do I Choose the Best Makeup Base?

B. Miller
B. Miller

Makeup base is a type of cosmetic product that is applied to the face prior to the application of any other makeup. It may also be referred to as primer. Most cosmetic companies that manufacture foundation also manufacture a makeup base, so to choose the best, it may be a good idea to buy a familiar brand that has already worked well for you.

To choose the best makeup base, it is necessary to choose one that most closely matches your skin tone. Some makeup bases are designed to be clear, and do not need to be matched because they can be applied to any skin type. Most primers, however, are slightly tinted, and it is important that it is able to blend seamlessly into the skin, and not create a noticeable line at the jawline or ears.

Makeup base.
Makeup base.

Makeup base is designed to provide a smooth, matte base on which to apply makeup. It should be applied to the face after it has been cleansed and moisturized. The base helps to smooth lines and wrinkles, and cover blemishes, sun spots, or redness to make the foundation look even more perfect when it is applied. It typically comes in a liquid form that is easy to apply to the skin.

Makeup, including base.
Makeup, including base.

Makeup bases often work well on oily skin, which tends to cause makeup to rub off during the day. The primer will help to prevent the skin from becoming oily. Some makeup primers are designed to moisturize and soften the skin, which may be a good choice for those with dry skin. In general, applying a makeup primer first will make foundation, eye makeup, or even lipstick last longer. Some primers contain sunscreen as well, to further protect the skin from damage.

Foundation, which covers up perceived skin blemishes, is the first step to applying makeup.
Foundation, which covers up perceived skin blemishes, is the first step to applying makeup.

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to blemishes, it is a good idea to choose a makeup base designed for sensitive skin that will not clog the pores. It may also be a good idea to test the primer on a small area first to be sure it does not cause a reaction. If it does, it is necessary to switch to a different one. Most primers are oil and fragrance free, however.

Makeup bases can be found in most drug stores and department stores that sell makeup, or it may be found online. It can be helpful to shop online to read reviews from other users as well. A makeup artist working at a counter in a department store may be able to help you find a base that is best for your skin tone and skin type.

Discussion Comments


BrickBack- I have oily skin and I wanted to say that buying one shade lighter than your actual shade is best. The reason is that the foundation tends to darken on oily skin.


Cafe41- I wanted to say that yellow based foundation makeup is recommended for women with olive complexion. It tends to enhance the color of the skin best.

Also a company called Sheer Miracles offers a yellow mineral makeup base that is made from a natural product line. The products are organic and use no harsh chemicals. The foundation retails for about $25.


SauteePan- Don’t forget the coverage type and shade is also important. Dior makeup base called Diorskin Nude is an oil free foundation with sheer coverage.

Another option is the Diorskin Forever Wear that offers full coverage with an SPF of 25.


I just wanted to say that the first consideration regarding the purchase of makeup base foundation is your skin type.

If you have oily skin, you will need to avoid foundations with oil. A good makeup base for oily skin is Clinique’s Stay series.

This is an oil-free face makeup base that offers medium coverage. A longer wearing waterproof makeup is another great choice or someone with oily skin. It also serves as a great foundation for active women that jog or run with makeup.

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    • Makeup base.
      By: Mara Zemgaliete
      Makeup base.
    • Makeup, including base.
      By: adisa
      Makeup, including base.
    • Foundation, which covers up perceived skin blemishes, is the first step to applying makeup.
      By: geargodz
      Foundation, which covers up perceived skin blemishes, is the first step to applying makeup.