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How do I Host a Manicure Party?

Hosting a manicure party is a fabulous way to bond and pamper. Start by setting a cozy ambiance with soft music and comfy seating. Provide a variety of nail polishes, files, and embellishments. Don't forget a nourishing hand treatment for that spa touch. Now, imagine the laughter and stories shared over colorful nails. Ready to pick your theme and invite your friends?
C. Hearn
C. Hearn

Manicure parties can be great fun for girls and women of almost any age. To host a manicure party, the first thing to do is decide if you prefer to hold the party in your home or at the local nail salon. Next, choose just the right time and date for the party and purchase or make invitations. For a party of this type, a smaller group of ten or fewer typically works best because you do not want the room to feel overcrowded. The next step is to put your creative juices to work and create a soothing, spa-like atmosphere in your house for your guests. You can transform your home into the ultimate nail-care salon by choosing the proper decorations, food and activities.

Setting the scene for the manicure party can be important to the overall experience. Clear a large enough space in your home in which to create the manicure area. It might be nice to add a pleasant fragrance by placing candles, fresh flowers or scented oil around the room. Choosing some soothing music to softly play in the background can help create a relaxing atmosphere.

A woman getting a manicure.
A woman getting a manicure.

Preparation can help ensure a successful party as well. Be sure to have all the necessary manicure supplies laid out before the party starts, such as cotton balls, emery boards and moisturizing hand cream. Other handy supplies include nail polish remover, and a variety of nail polish colors. If you are hosting the manicure party in an established nail salon, you may also make sure you have reserved the space ahead of time for your party date. You might want to speak with the salon manager beforehand about the salon rules regarding parties, such as what items they supply and what items you need to carry with you for your guests.

A bottle of nail polish remover.
A bottle of nail polish remover.

When planning the party menu, you may want to consider delicate finger foods, as they generally work nicely and blend well with the feminine theme of the party. Tiny sandwiches, fruit plates and vegetable platters with dips also may be good choices. Party hosts also commonly offer coffee, tea and an assortment of fresh juices. The way the food is displayed at the party is often more important than the way it tastes, so try to use pretty punch bowls and serving platters to create just the right ambiance. If you add some tiny cookies or pastries to the mix, the table will most likely look beautiful.

A woman using hand cream at a manicure party.
A woman using hand cream at a manicure party.

On the day of the manicure party, you might consider placing small bowls filled with warm scented bath oils around the room so guests can soak their fingers before beginning. You can either arrange to have a professional manicurist come to the party, or you can pair up the guests and let them give manicures to each other. If the party is held at a nail salon, the salon staff may take over the manicure duties. One fun suggestion is to award prizes during the party for the shortest fingernails, the most unusual fingernails and the fanciest fingernails. After the manicures are complete, you might want to steer guests toward the food service area. Toward the end of the party, you might consider handing out party favors, such as pretty bath soaps or lotions.

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Discussion Comments


@spotiche5- That's a good question. My friend planned ahead and got several of her friends involved to help put the manicure and pedicure party on by spending as little money as possible.

My friend asked each of her party co-organizers to be responsible for bringing necessary supplies to the event, such as cotton balls, tissues, towels, foot soaking pans, and nail polish remover. Each person also brought several bottles of nail polish and nail files. By dividing up the supplies needed to host the party, each person probably spent less than $5 on the items that she contributed. This was a small amount compared to the amount of money that the organizers raised for charity during the event.


@raynbow- I think that is a great idea to use a manicure party as a way to raise funds for charity! How did you get all the supplies you needed to have the party? It seems like that could be the costly part of having this type of event.


I have a friend who hosted a manicure and pedicure party to raise funds for a charitable organization. The women who attended were asked to donate whatever amount of money they could afford, or to bring non-perishable food items for the organization that helps those in need. The women could also pay to take part in a manicure and pedicure judging contest that awarded the person with the most artistically painted nails, all for the charity.

In turn for their donations, guests of the party got to enjoy fun manicures, good food, and the companionship of the other guests. It was a unique party idea that turned into a win-win situation, because people had fun while giving back to a great cause.

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    • A woman getting a manicure.
      By: Valua Vitaly
      A woman getting a manicure.
    • A bottle of nail polish remover.
      By: travis manley
      A bottle of nail polish remover.
    • A woman using hand cream at a manicure party.
      By: Martinan
      A woman using hand cream at a manicure party.
    • Cotton balls will be needed for a manicure party.
      By: Vibe Images
      Cotton balls will be needed for a manicure party.
    • If you have the time, add matching pedicures to the agenda of your manicure party.
      By: Valua Vitaly
      If you have the time, add matching pedicures to the agenda of your manicure party.
    • A manicure party can be a fun idea for a bridal party.
      By: tayindigo
      A manicure party can be a fun idea for a bridal party.