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What Are the Best Bob Haircuts for Kids?

Selecting the perfect bob haircut for kids combines style with manageability. A classic chin-length bob is timeless and suits various hair types, while a layered bob adds volume to fine strands. For active kids, a shorter, angled bob can be both chic and practical. Wondering which bob will highlight your child's personality and ease your morning routine? Let's explore together.
J. Beam
J. Beam

Bob haircuts are simultaneously classic and modern. As one of the most versatile hair styles, “the bob” is suitable for all ages, nearly every face type, and every hair type. Bob haircuts for kids aren’t really all that different from those for grownups, and in fact there are a couple of reasons why they may be more appropriate. Due to the versatility of the bob, it’s best to do a bit of reconnaissance before dragging a child off to the salon, so look through pictures to get an idea of the type of bob haircut that best suits the child. Browse salon and haircare websites for bob haircuts for kids or visit your local salon for idea books.

Just like the adult versions, bob haircuts for kids can vary slightly in length, and can be graduated, stacked, soft or harsh. The biggest advantage to the bob haircut for little girls is the instant “fullness” gained by cutting the hair shorter. Toddlers and young children tend to have very fine hair when their hair is long. Since boys tend to have their hair cropped short to their head, especially around the ears and neck, most of the downy-fine baby hair has been cut two, three, or more times by the time they reach the age of three. For those girls whose hair is left to grow long, that baby-fine hair is still with them at the ends. By cutting it short, the weight is removed along with the finer hair and the result is near instant fullness.

A child's activity level should be considered when choosing haircuts for kids.
A child's activity level should be considered when choosing haircuts for kids.

For young girls, a short, graduated bob with clean lines is most suitable. For older kids and tweens, fringes and shaggy bobs are equally suitable. Bob haircuts for kids tend to fall to between the chin and the base of the neck in length. If a child has trepidations about cutting off their length, start with a longer version of the bob to allow time for adjusting. Aside from the length, especially when it comes to kids, the biggest question is often whether to cut bangs or not.

Cutting bangs keeps hair from falling into children’s eyes. If the hair cannot be kept unobtrusive by tucking it behind the ear, a headband or barrette may be necessary to keep the hair back – especially during activities like sports or play. Consider the activity level of the child. If it’s been a problem in the past, opt for a bob with bangs.

One of the biggest advantages to bob haircuts for kids is the ease of care. Washing is faster and easier and combing it takes much less time with far fewer tears. In fact, a bob haircut may be the perfect haircut when teaching kids to self-care for their hair. To help with this process, invest in a weightless spray-on detangler or conditioner and a wide-tooth comb that fits their hands. Be sure to show kids the proper way to wash and care for their hair before turning them loose with hair care products.

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Discussion Comments


@discographer-- I'm not sure if a bowl haircut or a mushroom haircut is considered a bob, but this is one of the easiest short hair styles for kids that you can do at home. You just put a bowl on their head and cut where the bowl ends. The hair should end just above the ears for boys and a little longer for girls. This hairstyle ends up with bangs. If your children have round faces though, don't do this hair style or their face will look even smaller and rounder.


@discographer-- I think you can give kids a straight bob haircut at home without issues. But if you're thinking about bangs or layers, then you should go to a professional.

I cut my own hair so I am used to doing some basic hair cutting at home. I have given my daughter a straight bob haircut a few times. I basically start out with a chunk of hair at the back. I determine the length I want to cut to and cut that chunk straight across using my fingers, a barber's brush and scissors. Then I use this chunk as a sample to measure the rest of the hair. I take chunks from the left and the right along with the sample and cut hair to that sample. I continue this until I go all around.

But I have never attempted bangs or layers. I also would advise you to take your kids to a salon if they are very small. Because if you're inexperienced and the kids cannot sit still, you could hurt them.


Can I give my kids a bob cut at home? Which bob haircut is easiest for a non-professional to do?

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    • A child's activity level should be considered when choosing haircuts for kids.
      By: Dusan Kostic
      A child's activity level should be considered when choosing haircuts for kids.