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What Are the Best Bob Haircuts for Older Women?

Stacy Taylor
Stacy Taylor

Face-flattering bob haircuts for older women come in all styles and shapes. To figure out which bob cuts are best, women should take into account factors such as lifestyle, face shape, ease of styling and hair type. A good stylist can help any woman determine what type of bob will work best with her lifestyle and grooming habits.

Older women who have a flair for boldness might prefer a graduated, or angled, bob cut. This style features a short, blunt cut at the nape of the neck with longer, more sweeping side lengths. Graduated bobs work especially well with round faces and can help older women achieve a more youthful look. In most cases, straight hair accepts this style better than hair that has a lot of curl.

Bob haircuts are popular hairstyles for all ages, including older women.
Bob haircuts are popular hairstyles for all ages, including older women.

For a fun and flirty look that takes years away from a mature woman’s face, an asymmetrical bob with one side slightly shorter than the other is a good choice. The wispy fringe effect such a cut produces will frame the face and diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. An asymmetrical bob compliments most face shapes and hair types because of its versatile styling options. It’s also a good style for busy women who don't have a lot of extra time for grooming.

Most bobs are generally intended for straight hair.
Most bobs are generally intended for straight hair.

One of the most feminine short bob haircuts for older women is the inverted bob. Like the graduated bob, this cut features a shorter length in the back with slightly longer sides. The difference between the two styles lies in the overall length. Inverted bobs are shorter and lie more closely against the face and neck. Although this is an attractive hairstyle for most women, it typically looks better on slender women who have fine facial features and a round or oval face shape.

Older women who prefer a sleek, elegant look might prefer a long bob haircut like the pageboy of bygone days. This style features crisp, blunt-cut ends with or without bangs. Its versatility in both length and style options make it one of the most-requested bob haircuts for older women. Depending on face shape and hair type, long bobs can fall to just above the shoulders or continue to the upper area of the back. Generally intended for straight hair, this cut also can work with slightly wavy hair.

Stacked bobs are some of the simplest hairstyles for busy older women to maintain. They resemble the loose and layered shaggy cuts of the 1970s. These cuts flatter all face shapes, and the looseness of the cut makes it easy for women who have straight or curly hair to achieve an attractive style.

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I have a straight bob haircut with half bangs. My bangs are fairly long and side swept. When I put waves with a curling iron or curl the ends, it looks very good. It's a youthful look. But I do admit that it requires some work. I have to either straighten it or curl it or it looks messy.


@donasmrs-- I recommend a graduated bob. A graduated bob has a shorter back and slightly longer sides. This kind of cut has a lot of layers in the back and it will make your hair look thicker with more body.

I also have fine, limp hair and I got a graduated bob cut a few weeks ago. I'm so happy about it! It doesn't need much maintenance. I just blow dry it straight after a shower. I also have a round face, so the longer strands on the side and front make my face look a bit longer. The back looks very full. I think this haircut makes me look younger.

Just make sure that the cut is not too short. The back will naturally be shorter, but the very front of the haircut should reach half-way on your neck. I saw a very short graduated bob haircut the other day. The front of the haircut was reaching the woman's cheeks. It was way too short and it actually made her look older. You don't want that.


What is the best bob haircut for fine hair?

I've always had fine hair, but my hair has thinned even more with age. I need a haircut that will make my hair look fuller. What type of bob haircut should I go for? I'd prefer one that doesn't require much maintenance.

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    • Bob haircuts are popular hairstyles for all ages, including older women.
      By: Christian Schwier
      Bob haircuts are popular hairstyles for all ages, including older women.
    • Most bobs are generally intended for straight hair.
      By: Lvnel
      Most bobs are generally intended for straight hair.