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What Are the Best Hairstyles for an Oblong Face Shape?

Selecting the perfect hairstyle for an oblong face shape is all about balance. Opt for styles that create width at the cheeks, like waves or a shoulder-length bob. Side-swept bangs can also soften the face's length. Avoid overly long or voluminous styles that elongate the face further. Curious about which specific cuts will flatter your oblong features? Let's explore your best looks together.
Madeleine A.
Madeleine A.

Some of the best hairstyles for an oblong face shape are those that are layered and moderate in length. When choosing hairstyles for an oblong face shape, it is important to note that long hairstyles will cause the oblong face to appear even longer. Hairstyles that offer fullness and layers can make the oblong face look shorter and more flattering.

Other flattering hairstyles for an oblong face shape include those with bangs. Certain people who have oblong face shapes also have high foreheads, and therefore, wearing bangs will cover the forehead, shortening the face. In addition, hairstyles for an oblong face shape that feature side parts, as opposed to center parts, will also help a long face appear shorter. Since volumizing the hair makes oblong faces appear shorter, bending at the waist when drying the hair will plump up the hair at the roots and provide necessary volume.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Since volume is the key to minimizing the appearance of an oblong face shape, products specifically designed to add texture to the hair might be considered. Hair mousse, when worked through wet hair, then blow dried, will add fullness to the hairstyle and flatter the face. Conversely, styling gels might weight the hair down and further add to the oblong appearance of the face. Shorter, layered haircuts also provide texture and volume to the hair and emphasize the cheekbones, providing a wider facial look instead of a long one.

Any hairstyle that looks flat at the crown will draw the face down even more. Layers incorporated into the crown, as well as the sides of the hair will create a well-balanced look that is flattering to almost any facial shape. In addition to an appropriate haircut, it is important to note, that keeping the hair clean will also help reduce the look of an oblong face. Hair that is greasy and weighed down with styling product will flatten the hair and will draw the face down. Those prone to oily hair can use shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for their hair type to avoid the flattening look of excessive conditioner.

Although adding volume to the crown or top of the hair will help minimize the appearance of an oblong face, adding too much volume, or having "high hair" will accentuate the look even more. The eye will follow the high hair from its top, to the bottom of the chin, making the face appear longer and thinner than it already is. Those who are unsure of which type of hairstyles complement an oblong face shape, should talk to a cosmetologist who can help them make a decision.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip