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What Are the Different Types of Eyebrow Tools?

Rhonda Rivera
Rhonda Rivera

Most eyebrow tools are designed to shape or define the brow. For example, stencils, brow brushes, and tweezers are common eyebrow tools. Stencils are reusable plastic eyebrow tools that come in hundreds of shapes and sizes. There are also many brow brushes of different sizes and materials that are used to either style or powder the brow. Tweezers have many uses besides their use as an eyebrow tool, but they are perfect tools for grabbing onto small eyebrow hairs. In addition, eyebrow razors are angled razors that can be used to shave stray hairs rather than plucking or waxing them.

Stencils are see-through eyebrow tools used to shape and define an eyebrow. A stencil is held in place by a stencil band or a person’s hand. Some adhere to the head, but this kind of stencil is known for messing up makeup. Once positioned correctly, the wearer can color his or her brow, and if the stencil does not cover all of the surrounding brow area, can pluck any stray eyebrow hairs. Most stencils can be cleaned and reused, and they generally come in packages of three or more.

Eyebrow tweezers are used to remove unwanted hairs in the brow line.
Eyebrow tweezers are used to remove unwanted hairs in the brow line.

Brow brushes are small tools that are used to brush or apply powder to an eyebrow. Sometimes a brow brush has a comb on the other side and is used to pull hair through a stencil. Angled brushes are used to apply brow powder that will define a sparse brow. These brushes can be made from various materials and also vary in length. Such eyebrow tools are usually replaced once the bristles lose their shape.

Straight tip tweezers are excellent for use on stubborn eyebrow hairs.
Straight tip tweezers are excellent for use on stubborn eyebrow hairs.

Tweezers are used to handle collector’s stamps and manipulate small electronic parts, but they are also used to pluck unwanted hair from a person’s brow. Some people pluck to remove stray hair that does not conform to the natural shape of their brows. Other people apply stencils and pluck to completely reshape the brow. After considerable use, these eyebrow tools need to be resharpened, which is a service that some tweezers manufacturers offer for a fee.

A eyebrow brush may be used to apply a darkening powder to the eyebrow.
A eyebrow brush may be used to apply a darkening powder to the eyebrow.

Eyebrow razors are used to remove fine hair from the eyebrow area. They are similar to the safety and throw-away razors that are commonly used to shave a person’s legs or face, but the shape is different. An eyebrow razor is usually angled to better trim eyebrows. Like any razor, an eyebrow razor must be sharp for best results, and an inexperienced or careless user can cut him or herself.

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@Oceana I have an eyebrow razor tool that comes with a small guard on it. The razor is very short and angled in such a way that is easier to shape your brows.

I find that I don't use this eyebrow tool very often though. It does do a good job of cutting off the long, stray hairs, but even then I have found that I get small cuts above my eyebrows.

If I can accomplish the same thing without cutting myself, that is a much better option.


@feruze - I love using the eyebrow stencils to keep my brows shaped and even. When I try to do this without a guide, I never get them even.

It seems like the more I use the tweezers to pluck my eyebrows for an even shape, the more uneven they get.

An eyebrow stencil is perfect for getting the right shape. You know exactly which hairs to pluck and you don't have to worry about getting them too thin.

They don't cost very much and I use them over and over again.


@honeybees - I don't usually have a pair of tweezers long enough for them to need sharpening.

I usually put my makeup on at the gym after I have worked out, and I have the hardest time keeping track of my tweezers. I always buy more than one pair at a time so I know I will always have a spare around.

I would be lost without my tweezers and my brow brush. I have never waxed my eyebrows, but the older I get, the harder it is to keep those eyebrow hairs in place.

I think waxing is something I am going to start doing to my eyebrows. In the mean time, I use my brow brush to keep them under better control.


@kylee07drg - Yes, as you age, and if you have plucked your eyebrows for many years, they do not grow back like they used to.

The only disadvantage I have found to this is if I have plucked them too much. Now my eyebrows are thinner than I would like them to be.

In addition to my tweezers for stray eyebrows, I use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the thin spots in my eyebrows.

This article mentioned getting your tweezers sharpened after a time. This is something I have never even heard of before, but I can see how it would help get those stubborn eyebrows.


I can’t imagine using a razor on my eyebrow area! That sounds dangerous. I wouldn’t want anything that sharp anywhere near my eyelids, because I am somewhat accident prone.

Also, I often get red bumps on my legs from using a razor. It would be terrible to have these all over my face around my brow. I wouldn’t want to risk it.

It would also be terrible to nick myself up there and have a bloody scar to deal with. I would imagine that makeup couldn’t fully cover razor injuries, and it might even cause them to become infected.


@lighth0se33 - I know what you mean. The first plucking felt like absolute torture, but now, it doesn’t bother me at all.

What is awesome is that after you pluck your stray eyebrow hairs for years, they tend to not grow back. Most of mine are gone for good. The ones that do resurface only do so every few weeks or months.

I love only having to use the tweezers on my brows occasionally. Also, I have completely done away with using the pencil to define my line. I can totally tell where the strays fall now, since my shape has basically become permanent.


I remember the first time I used eyebrow tools. I was fourteen, and I had suddenly become aware that my thick eyebrows were taking away from my femininity.

I had just read a magazine article that told how to shape eyebrows properly. It said to draw a line with an eyebrow pencil underneath your brow, following the shape of the arch. Then, it said I should pluck away any hairs falling underneath or to the side of the line.

I used some really good tweezers, and I got the hairs on the first try. My skin bled a little, and it hurt like crazy the first few times. Now, I barely even feel anything when I pluck stray hairs.


@jennythelib - I use an eyebrow comb on my thick eyebrows. It might be the same thing as a brow brush, but when I think of brushes, I think of soft bristles. This brow comb has hard plastic teeth.

I worry a lot, and this seems to make my eyebrows turn downward. Just about every time I go to my bathroom, I notice that they aren’t in the right position. I pick up the comb and swipe them back upward.

I think it is funny how emotions and stress can affect our eyebrows like that. To me, a comb is an absolute necessity. It keeps me from looking so troubled all the time!


@jennythelib-- Have you tried those eyebrow pencils that come with a brush on the other end?

I love those! I use an eyebrow brush all the time too, but I hate carrying it around. I bought an eyebrow pencil with the brush at one end and it has made everything so much easier. I don't have to dig through my makeup bag every time for the brush now. Efficiency at its best!

They also have these eyebrow shaping sets or kits now. It usually comes with a brush, stencils and eyebrow pencil or powder. I might try one of those soon because they look so nice.


@feruze-- I've been using eyebrow stencils for a while now and I recommend that you get one with an adhesive, and of course in a shape you like. It doesn't matter whether it's reusable or not although you will save more money that way.

I tried stencils without adhesives and I was not too happy with them because I couldn't hold the stencil at the same exact place and then fill in my brows with the other hand. It would always move slightly and I would mess it up. The ones with adhesives are so much easier to use. Just make sure it's thin enough to adhere to your skin tightly.

Otherwise, they're great. They make filling in brows a lot easier and my eyebrows look perfect every day.


@jennythelib- I've tried the brow brush, but it's not my favorite. I actually prefer to use a brush that's made more for *lashes.* I had one that was a brow brush on one side and a lash brush on the other, and found that I preferred the lash side.

These days, I often just use clear mascara. Comes with its own tool and holds the brows in place - it cuts out a step over using gel and a brow brush.


A brow brush is really a must-have if you have thick eyebrows, like I do. I do get them waxed to keep the appearance neat, but I was just not born to have skinny eyebrows and I believe in working with what you were born with! Some years I'm in fashion, other years less so.

I use a little clear hair gel to keep them in place. I'll smooth on a little gel, then use the brow brush to shape my eyebrows so that they make a nice shape instead of collapsing downward.


I have had very thick and full eyebrows since I was young, not to mention a uni-brow. So I've had to trim, pluck and maintain my brows consistently.

I keep a tweezers, a little eyebrow brush and a small beauty scissors with me all the time. I pluck the extra hairs and then I brush my brows and trim the long hairs with the scissors.

Lately, I've been wanting to reshape my brows but it's really hard to do. I can't seem to shape both my brows exactly the same. I'm thinking of using an eyebrow stencil for this but I've never used one before.

Has anyone here used an eyebrow stencil? Can you tell me some tips on how I should use it? And is one type better than other? For example, should I get a re-usable one or one that I can throw away?

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    • Eyebrow tweezers are used to remove unwanted hairs in the brow line.
      By: Ana Blazic Pavlovic
      Eyebrow tweezers are used to remove unwanted hairs in the brow line.
    • Straight tip tweezers are excellent for use on stubborn eyebrow hairs.
      Straight tip tweezers are excellent for use on stubborn eyebrow hairs.
    • A eyebrow brush may be used to apply a darkening powder to the eyebrow.
      By: Andriy Petrenko
      A eyebrow brush may be used to apply a darkening powder to the eyebrow.