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What Is a Demi Bra?

A demi bra, with its half-cup design, offers a blend of comfort and allure, subtly lifting and enhancing the bust for a natural, yet enticing silhouette. Perfect for lower necklines, it strikes a balance between everyday wear and special occasions. Intrigued? Discover how a demi bra can revolutionize your wardrobe and confidence. Ready to find your perfect fit?
Wanda Marie Thibodeaux
Wanda Marie Thibodeaux

A demi bra, also known as a half cup bra, is a ladies' undergarment that covers between one half and one third of the entire breast. The term "demi" does not restrict the materials or design of the bra aside from this requirement, so women can find a bra in this style that suits their size and personality. This type of bra is one of the most popular bra styles due to its ability to provide both support and modest sexual allure.

A good half bra, despite having less coverage in the cup, is still able to shape and lift the breasts. The ability of the bra to both create and show off a little cleavage makes them ideal for women who are a little more petite up top or who are around the normal "C" cup size. Exactly how much cleavage the bra creates depends on factors such as whether the bra has underwires or additional padding for a push-up effect, but any decent bra, including a demi, should place the nipples at the ideal point midway between the elbow and shoulder. It should not ride up on the back, cause the breasts to spill out of the cup, dig into the shoulders or sit away from the chest at the center gore between the breasts.

A demi-bra is useful for low cut shirts.
A demi-bra is useful for low cut shirts.

The half cup bra is not the best choice for very large-chested women who need to minimize their breast size to look more proportioned or fit into tighter clothing, because a demi bra tends to enhance rather than hide breast size. This style of bra is also not ideal when a woman needs a little more breast control, such as during exercise. Subsequently, it becomes a little more difficult to find a demi bra as breast size increases, although manufacturers do make them in larger-than-average models and for plus-sized women.

The clearest benefit of a demi bra is that the garment leaves the very top of the breast uncovered. From the fashion standpoint, this allows the wearer to put on clothes that are slightly lower-cut, thereby providing more style options. People also see the exposure of some of the breast as providing just the right amount of sensuousness and appeal.

The fact that "demi" simply indicates how much breast coverage the bra cup gives means that demi bras come in many different designs, materials and patterns. For instance, a woman can find one with a traditional 90 degree or leotard back, front closure, animal print or plain white, lace or cotton, and solid or seamed cup. The wide variety available for this type of lingerie makes a demi bra suitable for women of all personalities and breast shapes.

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    • A demi-bra is useful for low cut shirts.
      By: Africa Studio
      A demi-bra is useful for low cut shirts.