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What Is a Shaggy Bob Haircut?

A shaggy bob haircut is a chic, textured variation of the classic bob. It's characterized by layered, often razor-cut ends that add volume and a carefree vibe. This style suits various face shapes and hair types, offering a modern twist on a timeless look. Curious about how a shaggy bob could revitalize your style? Let's explore the possibilities together.
Angela Colley
Angela Colley

A shaggy bob haircut combines multiple layers with long bob hairstyles to create a tossed, fresh look. Most shaggy bobs reach between chin and shoulder length and include several layers around the crown of the hair. These layers are often styled to stick out from the main body of the hair, giving the hairstyle more depth and visual appeal. Many versions of the shaggy bob haircut also have bangs, usually sweeping to one side of the face.

The length of a shaggy bob haircut can vary, but generally falls within the medium range. Shorter styles of the bob fall to the chin line, or slightly below, at the longest points. Longer styles of the bob rest on the shoulders at the longest points. Some styles have a few layers that extend slightly past the shoulders, but this is less common.

The bangs of a shaggy bob are usually styled with hairspray to help them lie flat.
The bangs of a shaggy bob are usually styled with hairspray to help them lie flat.

Layers are the main focus of the shaggy bob haircut. After cutting the bulk of the hair to the desired length, such as to the chin or the shoulders, a stylist will add in several layers starting around the face and continuing over the crown. The front layers frame the face, giving the hairstyle a professional look. Remaining layers are cut into different lengths around the crown, which gives the hairstyle the shaggy appearance.

To play up the shaggy part of the style, most stylists use a hair straightener and hair products to straighten the hair strands and pull the layers out and away from the face. A hair straightener is run over the entire head to remove any natural wave or curl. Once straightened, a hair product, such as gel or pomade, is added to the ends of the hair strands. The ends are then flipped away from the head, making the hairstyle look shaggy and slightly messy.

Many versions of the shaggy bob haircut include bangs or fringe along the forehead. Side sweeping bangs are the most common for this hairstyle. The bangs are cut so that the hair falls naturally to one side of the face, covering the eye, and tapers into the sides.

While less common, some versions of the shaggy bob haircut have straight bangs extending from one side of the forehead to the other. Straight bangs are cut short to fall across the eyebrows or slightly higher on the forehead. Typically, the bangs are styled with hair product, such as gel or hairspray, to make the hair lie flat.

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Discussion Comments


Shaggy bobs look great on people with naturally curly or wavy hair. This gives them the tousled look, and they really don't even need to use a curling iron or much product.

Wavy hair with layers looks awesome, because it has so much volume. It is interesting to look at, because so much is going on there.

Straight shaggy bobs can be cute, but I just don't think they measure up to curly shaggy bobs. I have naturally straight hair, so I have to use a curling iron on mine to get the look.


I knew a girl with a very round face and a short shaggy bob. Her hair was really thin to begin with, and having all those layers just thinned it out too much. I think that people with round faces should stick to longer shaggy bobs, if they go with this haircut at all.


@healthy4life – Yes, I agree that shaggy bobs look best when straightened and flipped out. I have seen some photos of famous people with shaggy bobs that were very unkempt, and to me, they just looked like they had rolled out of bed and gone out the door!

I think that if you have a style with lots of layers like this, you need to work to maintain it. Sure, there are some days when you just want to wash it and go, and that's fine. Just don't sleep on it and get it all ruffled and don't even bother to brush it in the morning.


Shaggy bobs are adorable when flipped outward at the ends. There are just so many layers to play with, so you have ends poking out all over your head!

It's definitely not a boring style. If I were going to go shorter, I would go with a shaggy bob.

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    • The bangs of a shaggy bob are usually styled with hairspray to help them lie flat.
      By: gemenacom
      The bangs of a shaggy bob are usually styled with hairspray to help them lie flat.